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Discuss [Tutorial][Dual-Booters]How to fix black screen due to bad resolution at the Tutorials -; Hello guys!This is Daniel here.Today i've a new topic about bad resolution which tend to ...
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    Post [Tutorial][Dual-Booters]How to fix black screen due to bad resolution

    Hello guys!This is Daniel here.Today i've a new topic about bad resolution which tend to turn you into frenzy!.Let's get going!

    This tutorial is only and only for dual booters who are dual booting Mac OSX and Windows (7,Vista,XP)

    Have you been trying to get a decent resolution for your hackintosh?But consequently got yourself into severe trouble.You changed you resolution which is not supported by your monitor and consequently got black screen.What do you do now?

    I got myself in this trouble when i tried to do so.The crucial problem is you can't see neither your mouse pointer nor your desktop.I used SwitchResX in order to change my resolution.This procedures may vary from software to software.But you can give it a shot.

    Main concept:
    What we will need to do is simply delete those files which determines your desktop resolution.
    The file Library/Preferences/ contains the resolution that the System tries to use at startup. Deleting this file helps generally. If this solves the problem during the reboot, but not in your user account, a similar file named "" exists in your own /Users/yourname/Library/Preferences/ByHost folder. You can remove this file to get back the standard resolution in your user account.

    Without further adieu let's get straight into business.Follow step one after one.
    I use Windows 7 x64 for instance.


    Download a software called "MacDriver" for your Windows 7.MacDriver is a software that allows you to access Mac OS X partitions which are HFS +.Those type of partitions are not supported by Windows.So you need that software to get access to mac os x files and folders. As you will notice MacDrive needs to be activated in order to modify any files and modifying the files is our purpose.Therefore you need purchase that software if you wish to.But i certainly not willing to pay for that software.Therefore just download the cracked copy of MacDrive from the link below


    Install Macdrive and use the keygen included to crack the software to activate the modification features.Afterwards you will need to restart your computer do as it says.


    Afterwards you will notice the Mac osx partion visible on your My computer.Open only and only that partition upon which you've install Mac OS X.For me this is Macintosh HD.


    Navigate yourself to this location
    Then delete file.


    Again Navigate yourself to this location

    Then Delete "" files.

    Note for idiots: xxxxx=anything i.e. DG2216F


    Now if you have used SwitchResX as i did and found youself in this preposterous mess then You'll have to delete the monitor profile that was modified when you created a new custom resolution. This file is located in
    and is the last modified file, that you can find if you sort by date. You should remove this file


    Now cross your fingers if you can (I CAN!) and Restart your computer and boot into Mac OS X.It should boot and show you correct resolution now.

    That's all.Now there you're back to business.

    If it still doesn't work (it should do) then Go back into macdrive and serach for "SwitchResX" and delete any file you find relevant to SwitchResX.

    Best of luck
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