First You have to make a bootable usb and then install Chameleon rc4 into the USB in order to make it bootable.
Second when you see the install click continue then go to the menu bar select disk utility and then you have to format a partition into Mac os journaled. Rename it what ever you want. Click close button and then continue. Select you mac partition and then press costumize. Select only next things in order to make it work. Beleve me I`ve installed at least 50 times difrenet karnel diferent paches. Didn`t work. Select only this things:
Bootloader - Chameleon V2 RC4
Bootloader options : 32 bit boot, Graphics Enabler, Ethernet, USB
Patches: Extra directory, fakesmc,Disabler, RTC (32bit), Modified Karnels - qoops 10.2.0,Evo reboot, USB,
Drivers: Main Hardware - Sata/IDE - Intel Sata/IDE
Sound: NONE (If you select it will give you microphone feedback )
PS/2: Voodoo PS/2
CPU Power Management : Voodoo P-state
Laptop Hardware> Battery, Card Reader, ACPI thermal (32 BIT), NTFS - 3G
VGA: NONE (Deal with it later)
Network - WIFI NONE (Deal with it later)
Wired - Realteck 8139
Language Translations: None

Wait for install about 25 minutes, restart. Then select youre mac partition and press -v (Verbrose mode). WAIT 5 MINUTES. IT WILL GIVE YOU ERRORS, DINDT FIND ...... iT is normal.
If all goes wwll you should see a screen that sais that you don't have mac keyboard press with the touchpad on the ok button. You`ll see that youre usb doesent work anymore. That's fine. Next thing you will see the welcome screes register and you are in the mac.

You will See that you have a stracked image on 800x600 resolution. That's fine too. We will deal with that later.
First thing install Multibeast for snow leopard but onely Kext helper(program that allows you to install drivers and repair drivers permisions) and USB Family . That allows you to use mouse etc etc. That means that USB is working.
Install IO80211.KEXT with Kext helper. After First Restart youre (ATHEROS WIFI) should work.
Voodoo HDA 020.pkg it will install sound without microphone feedback (because of IGAIN)
Voodoo Battery.kext (For showing you battery level)
Now NETBOOKINSTALLER 085 pre is is just like Chameleon. When you install it select youre Mac partition. install it.
You will notice that at restart youre bootloader has changed and VOILA 1024x600 native graphic with translucid menu bar and youre mac is running 10 times faster.

Don't forget. First thing I did a partition from windows (Im am in dual boot. Windows 8 and Snow leopard 10.6.6 (Update)).
I have installed BCD easy and make 2 partitions bootable in order not to ruin my windows boot files. Search an google how to do it.

If you wanna see how the things are working here is a youtube video with my Hackintosh: Samsung N140 Snow Leopard 10.6.6 Hackintosh - YouTube

By the way Bluetooth, card reader, Wifi, sound, USB, Graphic Card, touchpad are working.

God forgive us and good luck.