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    Talking Need help, n00b and confusion

    Right then, As said in the title, I'm a noob when it comes to "Hackint0shing"

    A lonnggggggg time ago, I succesfully installed leo4allv3final on my laptop, but it was a fail as i did it as a test and removed it within an hour as wi-fi, volume, didn't work, and as far as I know, I don't have the disc anymore.

    Buuuttttt, I now have Windows 7, and due to me having an iPhone and iPod nano, i quite like the Apple side of things, But i refuse to pay the 1,328 for a Macbook Pro. which is why I want to go into Hackint0shing. And I've read over so many guide's, that I'm now lost. And I would really appreciate it if some proud and more intelligent-than-I soul would help me? I'll post some comp specs underneath.

    Laptop model = Compaq Presario c500 series.
    Model number = C542EA

    Intel core duo T2050 @ 1.60 GHZ. MMX SSE (1,2,3)
    Hewlett-Packard 30C6.
    Mobile intel (R) 945 express chipset family.
    1GB RAM
    120GB Sata HDD.

    I'm sure thats the info that is needed? If not, just reply to this and tell me what you need, and I'll have a go at getting it for you.

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    Smile Here we go!

    First of all, hello I just recently Hackintoshed my second computer, so I kinda know what Im doing, but Im no expert

    I think you need minimum 2 GB of RAM, but Im not sure. If not, then lets continue

    1. Download iPC OSx86 10.5.6 from...Pirate Bay Google it lol
    2. Partition your harddrive to 30GB for the Mac, and format it to FAT32
    3. Pop it into your computer and restart it
    4. Boot from CD
    5. Follow all basic instructions until the Finder toolbar comes up
    6. Go to Utilities>Disk Utility
    7. Find your HDD partition and Erase it, formatting it to Journaled-Extended
    8. Exit Disk Utility
    9. Continue w/ installation and BEFORE clicking install, click CUSTOMIZE.
    10. Select you drivers (its different for every computer). Make sure you have a bootloader selected and the Applications selected also
    11. Click done then install
    12. Wait
    13. Dont let it restart by itself. Click restart
    14. After its restarted, power off and go into Windows
    15. Download EasyBCD
    16. Click Add New Entry>Mac>Generic OSx86
    17. Click apply etc
    18. Restart
    19. Boot into Mac OS X!

    Tell me whatever doesnt work and Ill try to help. I've left out some steps that you should know, such as booting into VERBOSE mode and iPC Darwin, etc

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    Question Installation iAtKos 7


    Will you Help me installing iATKOS 7 on M3N78-EM with AMD 7750 Black edition

    I keep on getting some or other error after successful installation

    email me if you want to help me I will give you my cpuz specs text file

    my email address is :



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