GIVE UP and use Kakewalk and install Lion. IT WORKS and it is the fastest method available.

I have spent about 4 days fighting with Snow Leopard to install on a recommended motherboard with all sorts of problems happening even though I followed guides to the letter. I recommend if you're having trouble with Snow Leopard, use Kakewalk and Lion.

It installs from the usb drive without having to use the dtsd files or easybeast then multibeast and bridge helper etc. All I had to do was run the installation then when I removed the USB it booted straight from the hard drive.

1 thing you have to remember is to format your USB to MBR partition otherwise you will get a boot1 error when you try to boot from it.

With the snow leopard install you have loads of hurdles and you need to get the combo updated or it won't boot from the hard drive. That sucks, because there are SO MANY problems that can spring up and it's basically pot luck what will happen.

If you are having trouble with your install, save yourself a massive headache and at least try the kakewalk method. It's a lot easier to not miss something. The unibeast may be similar, but kakewalk defo works.