Hey guys.
the reason that I create this topic is cause I google, search on forum and found NOTHING that could help me

my configuration hardware is

Asus P5SD2-VM
Nvidia GeFORCE 7300 GS
Core 2 Duo E7400
HD Samsung SP2504C ATA
HD Seagate 2TB ATA
2 GB kingston ddr2
Ethernet SiS 191
Mouse USB and keyboard PS/2
Audio OFF board ENCORE ENM232-8VIA

I tried install using iATKOS v7, iDeneb, ipc do not know what I doing wrong.
Dunno if the preferences i select are right or wrong
I appreciate a helping hand
the last time I tried to install using iATKOS v7 came the message

"The installer Could not valid .. of 10.5.7 intel "

What this means?

I appreciate someone who has the same motherboard or configuration guide on a right direction cause i tried install like a 7 times and nothing.

thanks for all in advance.