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Discuss [Guide] Update Your Snow Leopard to 10.6.7 at the Tutorials -; Hi there! Its Ademx9 here.So here is a tutorial for successfully updating your Snow Leopard ...
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    Post [How To] Update Your Snow Leopard to 10.6.7

    Hi there! Its Ademx9 here.So here is a tutorial for successfully updating your Snow Leopard system to 10.6.7. I wrote it myself with the help of Tony.SO yeah hope it helps.

    ***This is only for Intel Hackintoshes***

    Before we begin:

    1.Make sure you've a Stable Intel Mac OS X Snow Leopard.Any version wil work because we will be using Combo update.
    2.Make sure You've got all your data BACKEDUP. Don't blame me if you loose any data.Your computer is your responsibility.If anything goes wrong it's your fault.
    Maybe you wanna clone your harddisk and experiment on it in the first place.Use this free app called Carbon Copy Cloner.

    3.Backup all you kexts in a CD along with kext utility app. Use Universal OSX86 Installer by PCWiz to Backup Kext.

    4.DONT IGNORE! If you are using a USB keyboard and mouse then you need at least a Ps2 mouse and keyboard +VoodooPS2Controller Kext to be installed in your system.This kext does not get modified upon update.So you can use the keyboard and mouse later to fix USB problems.This is very very important.

    5.Some time and patience.

    Right.Now we are ready to begin.

    Things you need to do:

    1.Get Mac OSX installation DVD. Distros will do as well.

    In case you don't have the disk you have to backup all your installed kext to A DVD/CD along with the kext utility app.

    Additional: If you updated your system before to some version then you need to have that Update file which you downloaded from Apple website.Assuming that you used offline updater.

    2.If you have two internal harddisks.Then you might like to Clone your harddisk.This way is more convenient.In this way you wont loose NOTHING! Use this free app called Carbon Copy Cloner.

    3.Right Now Download the 10.6.7 combo updater from Apple's website.

    4. Before you restart after updating Delete Sleepenabler.Kext from this folder.It causes Kernel panic.
    You need to unhide this folder.Find a tutorial on How to unhide files in Mac.

    5.Use the installer to install the 10.6.7 update.

    6.When its finished it'll ask you to restart.Restart.There is no point in Crossing your finger.o_0

    If it gives you kernel panic.Post it down below.


    Read on to cope with the issues you may face afterwards:

    Problems reported with..

    1.Graphics:If you are using "Nvenabler" Graphics will work.I have no idea about natit.(Someone using natit please verify)

    2.Audio:The update replaces AppleHDA.kext . If you are using modified AppleHDA then you have to find a new update for 10.6.7.If you cant find any updated version of the kext then use the old one that you backed up earlier.VoodooHDA works fine.

    3.USB:You should have this problem.If you have any mass storage device connected to your computer then most likely its gonna give you kernel panic.So make sure you unplug all the mass storage device whilst you are booting to avoid iousbmassstorageclass.kext KP

    If you have Usb mouse and keyboard then your mouse and keyboard not gonna work unless you install the old kext.Read On for the fix

    Now I assume you have booted into 10.6.7 without any kernel panic.Every osx86 got a Extra folder in its root(/) directory which is hidden and it contains some important kext.Now they never get modified even though you update you system.As update overwrites some modified kexts in your main Extension folder you cant use them anymore unless you Rollback.

    Rollbacking kexts basically means getting back to the older versions by installing the old kext back again.So Now we are going to install those kext back again to make our system stable .Simple as that.

    Now I'll be using Kext utility.It reapirs Kext permissions and rebuild the cache automatically. If you are using iAtkos S3 V2 then its pre-installed in Library/Tools.
    If you are not using Iatkos then you can burn it into a cd.maybe along with kext backup you made.

    Trouble 1:
    USB mouse and keyboard not functioning:

    In this case you need a ps2 mouse or keyboard.And you need to install VoodooPS2Controller before you begin.Its not modified by the updater.So you can use PS2 mouse and keyboard afterwards.

    Well now in some cases the ps2 mouse might not work.Like in my case my PS2 mouse was broken and its reain hard outside so I couldn't bother to go outside and buy a new one.But my old ps2 keyboard was working what do you do then.I found a wy to install kexts without having the mouse.So here we go.

    you at least need a PS2 Keyboeard in order to do this.

    1.Press Command(Alt) + Space key to bring out the spotlight.
    2.Write Terminal and open it.

    3.Now this part will differ you don't have iatkos s3 v2.

    Sudo /Library/Tools/Kext\\ Utility /Extra/Extensions/iousbfamily.kext
    Hit enter.

    If you don't have iatkos then just change the path for the Kext utility.

    4.Now wait till iousbfamily.kext is installed.Right after that you will have your usb working.
    Trouble 2:
    Pluging in USB Mass Storage Devices Produces Kernel Panics:

    I presume that you have got your mouse working already.Now we will find the old IOUSBMassstorageClass.Kext

    Remember I asked you before to backup all your kext.Now just pop in that disc.find IOUSBMassstorageclass.kext.Right beneath Iousbfamily.kext.Install that using Kext utility.Reboot.
    Trouble 3:
    Odd Resolution:

    Install Nvenabler.kext from the "Extra" folder found in your Root.
    SleepEnabler 10.6.7
    New Version of Sleepenabler kext can be downloaded.Search on Google.
    Still having issues?.Install the whole Extra folder.Just drag all the kext from that folder on Kext Utility.Its gonna install and rebuild the cache+Repair permissions.

    Reboot.If everything goes fine then you are gonna have properly working Latest MacOsx Working.Cool.

    Mac app store works fine.You can login and Make purchases.If you really care.Thanks guys for reading.Hope it helps you thanks.
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  2. Thanks vin4san thanked for this post.

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    thanx ademx9.
    I just want to know that multibeast is required or not. i m facing lots of problem like sound did not work after updating from retail 10.6.3 to 10.6.7 (combo update) / kernal panic errors/restarts after shutdown.
    i have intel corei5-650 (3.2GHZ)/intel dh55tc/nvidia geforce 210 1gb/2x2 ddr3 1333 ram/seagate 1tb HDD/ USB KB+MOUSE.
    UR POSTED METHOD I TRIED ALREADY BUT SOME PROBLEMS STILL PERSISTS. I HV TO BOOT WITH iBoot CD otherwise system restarts after apple logo comes.

    u pls guide me to install SL on my configured pc. ANY SUGGESTION / CHANGES REQUIRED TO MY HARDWARE.
    hoping for the best possible way to help me.

    thanking u in anticipation......



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