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Discuss GUIDE: SL 10.6.3 Samsung N110 at the Tutorials -; EDIT: Just a few things. This may work with 10.6.0/1/2 but I'm just sticking with ...
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    Default GUIDE: SL 10.6.3 Samsung N110

    EDIT: Just a few things. This may work with 10.6.0/1/2 but I'm just sticking with .3 as it's how I did it. If you decide to use an earlier version you will need to find the appropriate processor patch. Also, sleep isn't working, forgot to mention that.

    My Macbook 13" 1,1 completely fried this weekend and with what little money I had I decided to buy a Samsung N110 as a replacement (it was the nearest thing on eBay for collection).

    I've messed around with Hackintoshes before but not in any serious capacity, my intention was to turn this new netbook into a fully functioning Mac. I presumed that there would be hundreds of guides instructing how to do it on the N110. I was in despair to find there were very little, after using a variety of sources and a bit of common sense, some blood, sweat and tears I've now got a fully function hackbook. It only took 13 hours to get it right!!

    Anyway I figured I'd share my experience so that other Samsung owners may benefit.

    The first thing I have to mention is that I started this with an Apple airport card already in the N110, I stole it from my fried Macbook. I have no idea how the installation might work without it so if you intend to follow what I did then you'll need the airport card in the machine first.

    What you will need to begin with:
    - Samsung N110 (I think it will also work on the NC10 too).
    - working Mac.
    - USB drive (at least 10GB)
    - A retail copy of Snow Leopard version 10.6.3, nothing earlier nothing later.
    - Netbookmaker found here netbook-installer - Project Hosting on Google Code

    1. Ok firstly fire up your Mac and use disk utility to restore Snow Leopard to your USB drive, I won't go over the details of this as there is plenty of info about on the net.

    2. Eject the USB drive and plug it back in, it should show up in finder as the Snow Leopard install disk.

    3. Download Netbookmaker from the link provided above and run it, make sure the USB drive is set as the destination. Let it do it's thing.

    4. Move over to the N110 and start it up, go into the BIOS using F4 and change the boot order to USB drive as the primary.

    5. Switch off the N110 and plug in the USB drive and start back up, the Snow Leopard installer will begin, using the menu bar open disk utility and format the drive as Mac OSX (Journaled) and make sure the partition is set as GUID partition map/table in the options. (again info can be found elsewhere on the specifics of this.) If you have a backup of your N110 I would recommend dedicating the whole drive to the SL installation as this guide does not cover dual booting.

    6. Close disk utility and continue with the installation as normal. It might take a while, took an hour for me.

    7. When the installation finishes, the restart button will just produce a dark grey screen and the spinning wheel, it will stay like this forever so just give it a few minutes and force shut off by holding the power button for a few seconds.

    8. Remove the USB drive and start the machine, it should show the grey apple logo and the wheel will start to spin. There should be no kernel panics. It will take A VERY LONG TIME to start up. Eventually you should be greeted by the Mac video and registration, fill in all of your details as normal. (make sure you set a password as no password can cause issues with Kexthelper which we will use later)

    9. Viola you should be now in SL, at the moment things should be fairly smooth, sound, wifi and bluetooth should be working already. QE/CL is also working natively as is the resolution.

    10. First problem to be fixed is the processor, Apple have disabled the Intel Atom in SL if you go to "about this mac" you will see that the processor is marked as unknown. This is a complicated fix and had me pulling my hair out
    but it does work and takes a bit of patience.

    11. First go to this page tea blog: ???? 10.3.0 ??? "???????" ???????? ? ???????? (32 ? 64 ???). (it's in russian but let google translate) and follow the download link. Grab both of the files and stick them both on your desktop.

    12. Google and download Kexthelper B7 and download.

    13. Open Kexthelper and drag the sleepenabler.kext into the window, pop your password in and click easy install. DO NOT REBOOT.

    14. Unzip the mach_kernel file to the desktop, it should be called mach_kernel_atom.

    15. Now open up terminal (utilities>terminal) and type the following:

    sudo -s (press enter, then enter password)
    cd / (press enter)
    mv mach_kernel mach_kernel_atom (press enter)
    cp ~/Desktop/mach_kernel / (press enter)
    chown 0:0 mach_kernel_atom (press enter)
    reboot (press enter)

    After typing reboot the computer should restart. If it doesn't force a restart, it may take a while to do so so be patient.

    16. When the computer restarts you will be greeted by an error message about unable to patch 64 bit kernel. So restart the computer and hold down the Alt, Windows and function key you will see the Mac HD. At this point type the following without quotes "mach_kernel_atom" you should see this appear at the bottom of the screen then press enter. The laptop will start up. When it does head to the "about this mac" screen and the processor should be recognized as an intel core solo. Not the right name but it means we now have processor support.

    17. The only problem now is that everytime we start the computer we will get the same error message, again this can be fixed.

    18. Open terminal again and type the following pressing enter after each line:

    cd /
    sudo rm -rf mach_kernel
    sudo mv mach_kernel_atom mach_kernel
    sudo reboot

    The computer should now boot no problem.

    19. Now we need to sort out the other problems. Go to the link for Netbookmaker above and download Netbookinstaller. Open it, leave all of the options ticked (and don't tick any new ones) and let it do its magic. Once it's finished do a restart. Head into System preferences and set up the trackpad for whatever you want. Two finger scrolling works if you set the two finger threshold to low otherwise the pointer goes nuts.

    20. You should now find that the volume controls work also, the only thing that doesn't work is the brightness controls and I'm yet to find a fix for this.

    Feel free to go into Software update and download anything apart from 10.6.4 I am yet to test this but I will post an update if I get it working.

    I'm pretty sure that's everything covered. But I'm sitting here now with a perfectly functioning Samsung N110 Hackbook. Everything works and it's very quick and smooth.

    Good luck.
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