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Discuss [GUIDE] P5N-D 10.6.1+10.5 [32bit] at the Tutorials -; So first i wanted to thank Verdant of insanelymac forums, that guy is a god ...
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    Default [GUIDE] P5N-D 10.6.1+10.5 [32bit]

    So first i wanted to thank Verdant of insanelymac forums, that guy is a god among men and then also i wanted to thank dj nitehawk he made it so much easier to do this whole process .i adapted alot of there guides to make this one, so big props to them

    Ok time to get started
    Things your gonna need

    * A working Leopard partition [if you need help with this keep reading]
    * 8GB Flash Drive
    * DMG or Retail Disc of snowlepoard
    * P5N-D Pack []

    Ok so if you need help getting a working leopard partition don't fret its really simple.
    If you don't need Leopard Skip To the "DSDT!"

    Installing Leopard
    first get iPC 10.5.6 [make sure you use this nforce patch][]
    Format your hard drive into two partitions using GUID and make them Journaled
    Name one something like Snowleo and the other Leo
    Under patches pick

    You decide
    Nforceata [the slashhack one]
    Fixes and Patches
    OSX86 tools

    install and then use
    10.5.7 to update
    yay! now [hopefully] your running 10.5.7


    Copy the DSDT folder to your desktop

    Then Open Terminal and type this in
    HTML Code:
     cd ~/Desktop/DSDT_Patcher1.0.1e
     ./DSDT\ Patcher
    Choose 0 for darwin

    ignore any errors and if it doesnt work then use -f

    now download DSDTse

    Use this to edit the DSDT.dsl that you have

    Now change the Length in the Device (RTC) section in the dsdt.dsl file from 4 to 2.

    HTML Code:
    Device (RTC)
                        Name (_HID, EisaId ("PNP0B00"))
                        Name (ATT0, ResourceTemplate ()
                            IO (Decode16,
                                0x0070,             // Range Minimum
                                0x0070,             // Range Maximum
                                0x00,               // Alignment
                                0x04,               // Length -> change 0x04 to 0x02
                        Name (ATT1, ResourceTemplate ()
                            IO (Decode16,
                                0x0070,             // Range Minimum
                                0x0070,             // Range Maximum
                                0x00,               // Alignment
                                0x04,               // Length  -> change 0x04 to 0x02
    the reason we did that was becuase, it fixes the CMOS reset bug.

    now copy that dsdt.dsl to your desktop and then run

    HTML Code:
    cp dsdt.aml /Users/"your username"/Desktop/DSDT.aml
    OK, So now you should have your DSDT.aml [case sensitive].

    email that to your self, just incase. because you are gonna need that and its not fun to remake.


    I am using PRE-INSTALL AUTOMATOR v1.1
    but its already in the p5n-d pack because i put in the right kexts

    Restore the retail "Snow Leopard Install DVD" to a read/write disk partition (hdd or usb flash drive)
    to do this:

    use disk utility and click your flash drive or hard drive [NOT the one you are installing snowleo to]

    Then click restore at the top and then drag the Disc/DMG in the source section and drag the drive to the Destination
    PROTIP: if you are having trouble ripping the disk to the drive, then just rip the disk using the create option and it will create a DMG on your desktop of the disc

    Drag the contents of Autoinstaller 1.1 to the desktop

    then open the folder snow-installer

    then double click installnow to run it

    then pick your flash drive or hardrive

    MAKE SURE you pick the right drive.

    then copy the folder "snow-installer" to the flash drive

    then copy the DSDT.aml to your flash drive and then make another copy of the DSDT and put it in your "snow-installer\filez\Extra" on your flash drive


    Restart the computer and boot into the flash drive or harddrive

    After the retail installer loads, click "Utilities" > "Terminal" in the menu and type the following to run the script again:

    HTML Code:
    and now this time pick where you want to install snowleopard

    after thats done close terminal and Make sure you pick that same drive and install snow lepoard

    pick customize and uncheck everything [dont worry, we will put them in later]

    reboot into your leopard partition once again

    copy that DSDT.aml into your /extra folder in your snow hardrive

    Reboot into your snow hard drive now, set it all up

    get the sound drivers from here

    get the pref pane + kext

    now go into your /extra/extensions folder and find the "NforceLan" and "IOnetworkingfamily" extensions.

    take those two and drag them onto the "Kext"

    do the same with the VooDooHDA.kext and double click the prepane

    open the "optional installs" folder in the flash drive and install x11/printer/languages and whatever else you need

    run disk utilites and fix disk permissions


    Your Done
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    Thanks for the guide--newbie here, trying to install OS X on my P5N-D(Q6600, 8GB RAM, ATI 4890) and I got through the 10.5.6 install process successfully, then installed 10.5.7 and booted onto the SL USB drive. But when I get to it, it seems it isn't recognizing any other hard drives attached to the computer--so it says SL requires the computer already have 10.5 installed on it (which it does). From here I can choose to Restart or Restore from a Time Machine backup...clicked time machine to try to access terminal to try and do it from there, but again it doesn't see my drives so it won't work. It returns "diskutil[158:903] _CFGetHostUUIDString: unable to return UUID for host. Error:35"

    Any ideas why it can't see my hard drives??

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    Thx for sharing surely will help ;D
    HP Pavilion Elite m9250f
    Snow Leopard 10.6.6, Asus IPIBL-LB MOD BIOS, Intel Quad Core Q6600, 4GB RAM (800mhz), 2x500GB, nVidia 8600GT (Works), ALC888S (Works), Wireless RT73 (Works), LAN (Works) - How to Install - Blog - Hardware Combos - FAQ by TJ2K7
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    iPhone 4
    Follow meh: @icchansan

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    Dont know if anybody even looks at this thread anymore, but im curious as to what chipset drivers your using. I ended up having to pull the ones out of my leopard install (AppleNForceATA) to get it to quit waiting on root device. Unfortunately those don't seem to be the answer though because now if I try to move any large files or do a time machine back up they cause a crash. Any feed back on it would be appreciated.



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