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    Default Dell XPS M1330 Hackint0sh

    What’s up everybody. I wanted to detail my Hackint0sh experience because all to often i have ran into dead ends when attempting to Hackintosh a system. I used a guide from a Project OS X Forums forum post.

    My system is a Dell XPS M1330. I have everything working except the Ethernet & that it hangs on Shutdown and Restart and you have to hold the power button down manually.

    I currently have this system running 10.6.6. It updated using the built in OS X update tool.

    Hardware Specs:

    There are far too many to spec out but this guide should work for most. Must be Dell XPS M1330 or like machine to even attempt.

    ************************************************** ************
    - Dell Snow ISO from Bottom of Post (I used this one: DellSnow1.iso)
    - OSX ISO
    - Dell XPS M1330 or Similar Dell (Only Tested on my Dell XPS M1330)
    ************************************************** ************


    For sake of it being a laptop i am going to guess that the system has one HDD.

    There are two Cases i will detail in this guide. Dual boot & OSX Only. I currently have Windows 7 Pro & OSX 10.6.6 installed.

    CASE 1: Dual Boot (What i did)

    1. Boot using Dell Snow Disc by inserting disc and pressing F12 at the splash screen. Then choose to boot from CD.

    2. This will get you to the disc selection screen. When you are at this screen, Eject the Dell Snow #1 disc and replace it with an ISO of OSX. Press F5 and make sure the disc name changes. Now select the OSX installation disc. I used a retail version that i purchased from Apple for $30.

    3. When you boot into the disc you will be greeted by the typical Apple Installation screen. Format the drive with the Disk Utility. Create two (or more) partitions. I did the first as Win7 and the second as OSX. You will need to make sure that you use GUID partition table (GPT) from options menu.

    4. On the two partitions created, Use MS-DOS (FAT) for Windows 7 Partition and use Mac OS Extended (journaled) for the OSX Partition. Give them names according to what they are to make things easier on yourself.

    5. Now that you have your partitions, Exit the Disk Utility and Exit the OSX Installation and Reboot. Get you Windows 7 installation media and insert it.

    6. Now you will install Windows 7 (or your flavor of Windows) to the partition you created earlier. For help with this comment or email me.

    7. Now that you have installed Windows 7, Insert the Dell Snow Disc if needed and get to the disk loading screen. You will see your Windows installation and the Dell Snow disc options. Remove the Dell Snow disc once again as you did before and insert your OSX disc. Press F5 to and make sure the disc name changes. Now select the OSX disc and boot into the OSX installation.

    8. You should have your partition created now. Follow the prompts and install OSX.

    9. I am working on a fix to make this partition bootable however for the time being you will need to boot using the Dell Snow Disc, You will then choose either you OSX install or your Windows install.

    10. Install kext needed for the system to work properly. (I got this part from the Project OS X Forums forum and it was a bit unclear.)


    Booter, you will need something to be able to boot. I recommend Chameleon 2 RC3 or newer.

    Mandatory kexts; you will find them in the Preboot CD, and the ones that are needed are:

    AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext & ApplePS2Controller.kext or VoodooPS2Controller.kext (to be able to use your keyboard and trackpad)
    IOATAFamily.kext (to avoid kernel panic from the 10.6 version)
    fakesmc.kext (to be able to run finder and other signed applications)
    DSDT patch, dsdt.aml from the Preboot CD, may and should be edited for your CPU if you need power management.


    SMBIOS override. The SMBIOS table from the Dell is actually conform, but we want to change it to make it more Mac like. So the smbios.plist from the Preboot CD should be copied.

    Recommended kexts:

    VoodooBattery.kext (for your battery)
    VoodooHDA.kext (for your sound)


    There are a few parts that is not supported and a few issues that are still unresolved
    Broadcom 5906 100Mbit ethernet card
    Shutdown/restart when using Nvidia Graphics

    PreBoot CDs:
    Preboot CD’s available from here. Number 1 is most generic, and 5 more specific. Use a number lower if the one you try is not working


    1. Use boot process from Step 1 & 2 above.

    2. Make one disc partition using the Disk Utility. Mac OS Extended (journaled) GUID partition (GPT) in options menu.

    3. Install OSX and follow Step 10 above.
    Guide i used to create this post: Dell Xps M1330 Guide - Project OS X Forums

    Support for this guide has come and gone at that link so i want to carry it on here for all to benefit from.

    My Goals:

    1. Built in boot so i don’t have to use the disc to boot every time

    2. fix ethernet

    3. fix shutdown and restart hang

    If you liked this please take a minute to say so. I have several other guides that i will post if there are people who want them.

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    i have a XPS M1530. and i intend to try it. i hope you get it all working and post if you do!

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    This post was helpful for me. I've got an older m1330 that I've been experimenting with lately.

    I used iBoot from as my preloader. It uses the newer version of chameleon (chimera)

    tonymacx86 Blog: iBoot + MultiBeast: Install Mac OS X on any Intel-based PC

    Likewise after first boot I used Multibeast's "EasyBeast" to setup boot from hard drive.

    I also updated to 10.6.7 before restarting the first time.

    KextHelper was useful for batch adding the kexts found on the dellsnow ISO.

    Things still feel a bit buggy though. I have the internal intel wireless card; which from what I can tell is not supported at this time. I plugged in a cheap wifi adapter and wireless was taken care of.

    Not being able to shutdown or restart is kind of annoying though. Is there a method for getting the accelerated graphics enabled with the 8400?



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