I don't mind if it's snow leopard or not, but I've had a bit of trouble installing Snow Leopard in the past and I've came here for better advice. I couldn't find any suitable section so I posted here (Sorry if it's violating the rules.)

Let's start.

My specs are:
3gb RAM
25gb Hard drive (for Mac OS X)
Nvidia 9800 GTX
64-bit Intel core 2 quad 2.50 ghz Q8300.

I have a few DVD-RW 4.7gb's somewhere as well (Obviously need to use them.)

I don't mind if the OS is Snow Leopard or Leopard.

I'm asking
Can I run Snow Leopard or Snow Leopard?
Which Mac OS X should I install (ideneb etc.)?
Would it be possible if you could give me some instructions?

Thank you.

I also had doubts on the OSX86 title ._. 86 normally stands for 32bit. Anyway, thanks for all the help I'm grateful, cheers.