Hello, finally after a very long time I have SL 10.6.3 FULLY working on the specs in my sig and I have tried so far a few backup solutions, but none of them seem to work.

I have tried Carbon Copy (Couldn't Restore the image), truth is that the image was carried around from hard drive to hardrive for 2 months, something might've broken, it didn't restore it. Next i have tried Time Machine Backup on another harddrive, that didn't work either, kernel error, dunno exactly if the bootloader got restored to, I was only testing to see if backup is working.

I would want to make an entire disk image and let's say be able to restore from the iATKOS v7 DVD setup (time machine), would that be possible?

Running Snow 10.6.3 + 10.6.3 annapvirth kernel on:

(specs: http://www.deusxmachina.org/manual.pdf
Audio Chipset: VT1708B High Definition Audio 8-channel CODEC (VoodooHDA 17Feb2010 version, only JackOutput, sad about my digital output not working)
AMD Athlon x2 Black Edition 7750 2.7GHz AM2+ 3MB Cache
Palit nVidia GTS 250 512MB DDR3 (works with GFX Strings)
2x2GB GeIL Ultra DDR2 800MHz
Seagate 300GB