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Discuss Acer Aspire 5920g wont install snow leopard for me :( 5920G-6A4G25Bi at the Tutorials -; ...
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    Default Acer Aspire 5920g wont install snow leopard for me :( 5920G-6A4G25Bi

    Firstly here are my Specs
    Intel Santa Rosa T5750 2.0Ghz, 667mhz FSB, 2Mb L2 Cache

    15.4" Wxga 8ms Crystal Brite

    Ati Mobility Radeon HD 3470 256mb (up to 1536mb)

    4gb ddr2 667mhz Ram

    250gb HDD


    Atheros AR5007 b/g Wifi (Hardware ID 168C:001C)
    (It was intel 3945 rubbish so i swapped it for this one i had lying around as i believe these are able to work)

    Broadcom Net Link Gigabit Ethernet

    Realtek ALC888 (Hardware ID 10EC:0888)

    Intel ICH9

    Acer Aspire 5920G-6A4G25Bi is the full model code

    Ok Firstly before anybody links me to the Triple boot video on youtube ive tried that and no good, i think some vital parts are missing,

    1. I have no problem getting Leopard installed using iDeneb v1.4
    2. I got a Retail version of SL online which people commented worked perfect for them so i have no worrys with the .dmg

    i install windows 7 first on half the drive then once booted went into CMD and opened Diskpart

    made a 100gb partition and a 8gb one

    using line

    create partition primary size=n id=af (n stands for the size of partition)

    that all works fine so i reboot into the ideneb cd and install Leopard without a problem takes bout 15-20mins, that is all well and running
    i would be happy with that but im doing media in college and we use Boinx TV whice requires 10.6.3 or greater, so i must keep going

    Next i open up DiskUtility within leopard and click the 8gb part and restore it with the Retail disc image of SL,
    next i swap the OSinstall file and OSinstall.mpkg files with modified ones i got online for Snow Leopard. Then i install Chameleon v2 rc4 on the snow partition with the installer and it installed fine. Next i place the files from the 5920g kext zip thats mentioned in a few guides ive looked at, people have had no problems with them so neither should I right.

    I dont place the NVEnabler kext in at all as i have an ati graphics card in my machine (yes, i know there is know kext for this and never will be as far as i know.) - I will get an upgraded GPU once i get it up and running. Im sure it will still boot up fine just in a basic resolution until i upgrade.

    so once that is all done i reboot into the Snow partition that starts to load then stops once starting the GUI saying i must restart the system, im not sure what my problem is

    So i scrapped that idea and taught OK ill try iAtkos S3 v2 disk but it boots n loads to the installer where it asks to pick language, my touchpad dont work but i can use my keyboard ok so i hit enter and it starts preparing installation which goes on for ages the a setup failed log comes up with a load of mad info which i cant seem to save :/
    Should i try the iAtkos S3 disc

    Is there any other disks or methods you could guys could suggest i can try to use, maybe even hazard 10.6.1/10.6.2 disk and update it then to 10.6.3 or something similar as this is all i need for my college software.

    Ive searched the net high and low and wiped my drive many times already any help would be great guys or even if somebody has the same model laptop that could a guide how you managed to get it work.

    Thanks for reading and i hope we can get this solved as the laptop only set me back 50

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    Still no reply on this one yet but i seem to have worked out a way after some time messing about last night, i used the new EFI boot cd that has rc5 on it, booted it up and selected the SL Retall Install DVD partition which was full Vanilla without any hacks made, i used a USB Hardrive i had around and Partitioned it as to GUID standards, carried on installation and it completed and i had a copy of Snow Leopard Running off the USB, so i taught i should changed the OSInstal.mpkg ans OSInstall Files so i could install to my MBR HD. Stuck in the CD and booted into the SL Retail Install DVD asked me to pick a Language and then it just constantly keeps preparing Installation (I even tried the Alternative OSInstall.mpkg from Prasys guide but that just Failed as soon as i picked the language with a Fail Log.

    GOING CRAZY NOW as you can imagine

    So i went to sleep and woke up with the idea to boot the MBR SL RETAIL INSTALL DVD from within the Running SL GUID version
    I did this and it started installing straight away I have not got Chameleon loaded onto the now working MBR SL Partition as yet because im happy for now using the Boot CD.

    My Wifi and Sound do not seem to work for me aswell as my lan but im alot closer than i was yesterday so im hoping soon i will master this setup.

    Any Ideas for sound would be great



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