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Discuss Tunes refuses to transfer my cracked apps back to iPod after 4.1 update. at the Tutorials -; Unless the title summerizes it all there is a quick description; -- I looked through ...
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    Default Tunes refuses to transfer my cracked apps back to iPod after 4.1 update.

    Unless the title summerizes it all there is a quick description;


    I looked through this forum yesterday without finding any answer or any thread without finding any answer. But im sure this is going to be easy to

    I own an iPod Tough 2g. I had a few cracked apps on it. I made sure to
    download AppSync and reboot afterwards.

    I transfered all my cracked apps to iTunes. Then i updated to 4.1. iTunes
    restored my iTouch but when it was about to transfer my apps back to it I got
    a weird message about a system error.
    When i tired to sync again my iTunes told me that a few apps could not be
    transfered. Then it showed me a list of the only c:a 20 apps that were
    cracked. The rest were transfered normally.
    I can still see my cracked apps in iTunes but the program refuses to transfer
    them to my iPod. I get the same message everytime i try.


    Is there anyway to somehow trick iTunes into believing that my cracked apps
    are legal and then transfer them?

    Is there any way to add my cracked apps manually via SSH or so? I can still
    see them in my explorer and everything.

    Simply; what should I do to get my apps back on my iPod?
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    Simple answer, don't be a cheapskate and buy them.

    This forum does not encourage warez or allow the discussion of cracking or application piracy.

    Many of the people who developed the jailbreak you originally used to open up your iPod also release apps on AppStore, Cydia and Rock to help fund their continued hacking. By pirating apps, you are reducing the chances of future jailbreaks being released. This is especially true for iPod touch owners who traditionally have had to wait a lot longer for jailbreaks due to the perception that the most common reason people jailbreak the iPod touch is to pirate apps. In comparison the perception is that unlock is the driving cause for people to jailbreak the iPhone.

    Whether this perception is true or not, your actions up till now aren't helping to disprove it.

    You have now been made aware of this forum rule, if you try and discuss any warez/cracked app issue again you risk being excluded from the forum.

    Thread closed
    Please read the stickies & search forum before posting!
    How to report an iTunes restore/update fail in a useful manner

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