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Discuss Running Mac Os X leopard on Cq56-115dx good and bad at the Tutorials -; Ok so my computer is Compaq cq56-115dx i tried running mac os x leopard 10.5.8. ...
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    Angry Running Mac Os X leopard on Cq56-115dx good and bad

    Ok so my computer is Compaq cq56-115dx i tried running mac os x leopard 10.5.8. I tried to use the ideneb 10.5.8 lite version of the distro.

    system specs
    windows 7 64bit
    Cpu Amd v140 single core @ 2.3 Ghz code name champlain
    ram 8 gb of ddr3 1066Mhz
    Motherboard hewlett packard model 1604
    chipset amd 785 Gx
    southbridge amd SB800
    bios does not have the famous option for AHCI
    in windows 7 format it to fat32 and set it to active the partition of 95 GB
    so the first problem i encounter was the famous "still waiting for root device"

    solution: what i did is went to bio system configuration boot options and then boot order and made sure that USB CD/DVD ROM DRIVE was first second internal CD/dvd and last the hard-drive. this took away the still waiting for root device

    Next in order to fully boot i had to put f8 then the following command -f -x -v if you do not put this then it will never boot into the installation.

    so after you put -f -x -v in about 5 min you should see the menu to select language
    so select language, use disk utilities to format to mac os extended journal, then select drive and then select customize.

    i don't know what really works so i just selected what i thought it would work
    vodoo kernel 9.5, vodoo trackpad, and for the ram i selected the 1066 Mhz even though it says ddr2 again i dont know i have ddr3, i left default boot loader.
    installation was fast like 10 mins i was surprised how fast it went. i did not select any drivers for sound video or wireless.

    after it restarted it gave me a message that i could restart but it restarted by itself , so without taking the dvd i boot it back to dvd, then tried f8 to input -v but it failed to load it gave me still waiting for root device

    then i manually shut it down then again boot to dvd did not press f8 just let the countdown finish and press enter it went to the apple logo and booted to mac os x 10.5.8 i was not greeted by the cool mac os video with the big X i was instead greeted by the set up keyboard, so i hit next next apple id information and so on, so finally i was in the mac os x leopard i was really happy, when i click about this mac it said mac pro 2.3 Ghz and it said i had 8 gb of ram. it was reading my ram and cpu, so it was working i was actually using mac os X. so i was able to play around with the operating system so i decided to shutdown.

    so i took away the dvd and tried to boot normally the computer and i was very disappointed to see that there was no boot loader and would not boot to anything the screen was just black with a little dash on the top left corner blinking forever. tried again and same deal.

    so i decided to put the dvd so i let it boot and let the countdown finish then hit enter then again the apple logo appear and i waited and was able to boot mac os x again working fine, took away the dvd and nothing happen i was able to continue using the mac os x fine. Then i decided to shutdown then turn on and black screen again. so manually shutdown and on again with the dvd inside and was able to boot again.

    the point is that i could not boot to mac os x unless i had the dvd inside the Drive. i tried installing a boot loader chameleon 2.0 R3 and installed fine but when i restarted it there was not boot loader just the black screen with the little dash on top corner.

    i decided it was not worth it having to do that all the time i was going to take it away, i don't have the windows 7 os dvd i just have the restoration dvds but those did not help to restore the windows boot loader, i tried downloading the recovery disk from neosmart 64bit but that did not work, so what i did is get the windows 7 os dvd for my 32 bit desktop ( i was not sure this was going to work on my 64 bit but it did ) and put it on the drive deleted the partition where the mac os x was and then went back and selected start up fix it took about 3 min....i then it said it was successful and it rebooted automatically and there you go i was able to boot into my windows 7 64 bit without losing information.

    in conclusion mac os x worked for me at least with the ideneb but i needed the dvd every time i wanted to get into mac os, it just a real mess and not really worth it. but i will say this that i when i was in mac os x it was working like a champ it was not slow.

    if someone has suggestion or possible fixes please share ?
    i am just sharing this if someone was thinking of installing mac os x on cq56-115x get ready to spend a couple of hours
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    ok so i tried snow leopard 10.6.1-10.6.2 intel-AMD by hazard and no luck i got this
    errors EFI enhanced bootloader build: ToH
    Using SMBIOS table found at 0x000fbdb0
    Using ACPI RSDP revision 0 found at 0x000fa7c0
    i tried every possible flag but no luck so no matter what i do its not doing anything

    i tried again ideneb 10.5.8 lite but again the same problem it only boots with the DVD inside the drive otherwise black screen
    on the second time i tried it , said the following " NO BOOTABLE DEVICE--INSERT DISK AND PRESS ANY KEY

    anyone out there if you make it work please reply?

    i will keep on trying...... ubuntu sounds like a better option right now.

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    hi mate i have successfully installed mac osx leopard
    allthough i did cause 2 blank screens at bios
    first you shouldn't throw the hard drives away coz i went to a market and asked for a notebook hdd desktop adapter and then i go home plug into computer and format the drive and install onto hdd

    you will need to partition the disk for mac or you may face kernel panic or black/blue screen
    so open disk manager
    then select ur hdd
    then click partition
    then make a mac partition for mac journeld
    then close and continue with installation
    next you have to customize installation
    i recommend you dont install language translations
    so install everything but language translation
    and if you have patches select ones that are best suited for pc
    your gonna want to sip on coffee coz it might take a little more than an hour to complete
    easy people who have anny issues with mac im sure to find a way to help
    thx for reading.



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