Hi all,

I purchased the Acer AOD250 yesterday...1g ram, 250g hd model. I bought the netbook specifically to install OSX on it. I have 2 Macs here at home and purchased OSX Leopard retail dvd for the install on the Acer.

The BIOS is V1.13 and I tried to downgrade to v.3304 because it was what I found a tutorial on to install OSX. The acer will not let me downgrade the BIOS so I'm now looking for help.

I have the Retail OSX Leopard dvd and am creating a disk image of the DVD right now. How can I install this on the Acer???

I grew up teching Windows machines and then Macs for the past 4-5 years or so, but installing OSX on a PC is a new animal to me.

Please....any help is greatly appreciated. I don't have any use for a Windows machine, and my wife wanted a netbook with OSX on it. She likes the size of the netbook and I've seen many reports of successful installs. Thanks in advance for your time! I really appreciate it -