I was wondering if anyone can point me on how to properly install OSX on MSI Wind. My specs:

320gb Internal HDD
2gb RAM
Intel Atom N270

I've already downloaded iDeneb v1.4 and I have a few questions also in my mind:

-after installing, can I start using my laptop even without the USB drive/USB stick with the copy of iDeneb connected to the laptop?

-do I have to upgrade my BIOS? If so, what BIOS is the most appropriate for iDeneb?

-Can I update 10.5.6 to 10.5.6 or up to 10.6 via Apple Software Updater without breaking anything?

-does all the hardware parts working properly i.e Mic/headphone ports, Mic, webcam, trackpad, keyboard, BT, WiFi?

-I'm not planning to dual boot this machine so I'm wondering IF I can run Parallels on this hackintosh?

Please, anyone can provide me the step by step process?

Thanks in advance.