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Discuss Optiplex 330 into Hackintosh at the Tutorials -; I tried to install snow leopard, but all i get are kernel panic, so I ...
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    Default Optiplex 330 into Hackintosh

    I tried to install snow leopard, but all i get are kernel panic, so I tried Leopard instead. It is minimally functional.

    I tried an assortment of boot loaders to no avail. BOOT_KAYBYL_BUMBY was no go, ended up with BootSLv3wifi and chameleon. Booted ok, and retail SL was able to use System Profiler to see some of the hardware. Retail disk installed fine, but on reboot, got kernel panic.

    Darwin Kernel 10.0.0 and said it was MacBookPro 3,1

    0x293e3d-should have 2 threads, But only found 3 for Die 0"@/sourceCache/xnu/xnu-1456.1.25/osfmk/i-386/cpu_threads.C:1131

    Used SnowOSX_Universal_10.6(432)GM. It did initial boot and install, but same kernel panic. Gave up and just went with the iPC_OSx_86_10_5_6_Universal_PPFS_Final. Boot right from DVD and install was painless. Selected most obvious extensions(Kext) but not all even work.

    Intel Core 2 Duo E4600 @2.2ghz
    ntel G31 express ICH7R
    Intel GMA 3100 video (using 64mb onboard mem)
    Braodcom BMC5787 10/100/1000
    ADI 1984 audio
    1 gig ram
    8 USB onboard ports

    Upgrade BIOS to A06
    change BIOS Settings to-

    MAX CPUID - Disable
    EXECUTE Disable Function - Enable
    ACPI 2.0 support - YES
    Core Multiprocessing - Disable
    SATA AHCI - Native
    SMART -Enable

    Inserted DVD with iPC, boots and loads installer

    Profiler returns-
    Mac Model -Optiplex 330
    Intel core 2 Duo
    5.2 Ghz
    1 Processor
    2 Cores
    Bus Speed 3.2 ghz
    Boot Rom A03
    SMC version 1.13f3
    No Audio
    Post Passed
    Display- GPU Built in, 64mb Shared
    Vendor Intel (0x8086)
    Device ID - 0x29c2
    No Kext

    SATA - Intel ICH7 AHCI
    USB - Built in Controller APPLE USBUHCI

    Disk utility to erase winders, then each successive failed OSX install. Partition GUID and name the drive.

    Selected install items-

    iPC OSX 10.5.6 base system
    Kernel is 9.6.0
    video - Intel GMAX3100
    Chipset - Intel ICHx SATA
    Audio - AD1984
    Etherenet - Apple BCM5751 (need to change this)

    No other selections.

    Booted up fine after install, but audio, ethernet and video are not fully working. Sleep errors, non functioning system profiler,

    Ran AppleJack 1.5 to clean up mess. Still not fully working to my needs as replacement for Quicksilver running 10.5.8. Will be upgrading Ram, HD and Video card (nVidea PCIx) in future once I get bugs worked out.

    Anybody who has dealt with these issues, please post and point me in proper direction.


    Addendum -

    GX3100 is the netbook driver and will not function on desktop. There is not a kext for desktop chipset. Disabled onboard video and using a Gforce 7300LE PCIe card. Fully functional.

    Onboard ethernet uses Broadcom chips. No kext for that, so I installed Intel 100 pro PCI card. Full ethernet now.

    Used Azelia to get sound to work, but when the system crashed, I reinstalled and now sound is gone.
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