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Discuss Leopard with P5E-VM-HDMI and ATI Radeon HD2400 at the Tutorials -; Hello, It took me some time to make an up-to-date guide for this motherbord and ...
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    Default Leopard with P5E-VM-HDMI (+ onboard LAN) and ATI Radeon HD2400


    It took me some time to make an up-to-date guide for this motherbord and graphics card.
    * Most threads about the P5E-VM-HDMI say the onboard LAN doesn't work... but it does.
    * Most threads about the HD2400 say only 1 output is working, or nothing works. But it does, completely, work.

    This guide doesn't concern the onboard X3500 graphics!

    My system: P5E-VM-HDMI with Intel Q6600, IDE and SATA HDD, SATA DVD-drive and a HD2400.

    Here we go. This guide is made using the iAtkos 5i 10.5.5 DVD. I think this will also be useable for future releases.

    1) Bios
    * ACPI2 support enabled
    * AHCI is enabled
    * Intel Speed Step is disabled
    * Execute Disable function enabled.

    2) Boot from the DVD, open Disk Utility and erase the partition you will use to Mac OS X Extended Journaled.

    3) Choose the partition on which you want to install to and click Customize.

    Select these:
    *iAtkos v5i Main System
    X86 Patches
    *Bootloader: PC EFI V9
    *Dycrypters: AppleDecrypt
    *SMBIOS: SMBIOS Enablers
    *Kernel: 9.5.0 Kernel Voodoo
    *ACPI: x86 ACPI
    *Remove PowerManagement.kext
    *Remove Thermal kexts

    Don't select ANY drivers as they will only get in the way.
    Don't select the PS/2 driver as it is buggy. The ACPI x86 will make your PS/2 work.

    Once installed the OSX will reboot. I've tried many different configurations, sometimes OSX wouldn't boot for the first time. A reboot with the -v command would sometimes just fix it for the rest of it's lifetime (dunno how, but it did).

    4) When booted into OSX we can start fixing the onboard LAN.

    Download the "AttansicL1Ethernet" driver:
    Direct Download link at april 09

    Install the driver and reboot. The onboard LAN should work right away, it did with me.

    5) Now we are going to have a look on the onboard audio.

    Download this driverpackage: Download link at april 09

    Important files:
    ALCinject.kext - needed for audio
    AppleHDA.kext - - needed for audio -
    IOATAFamily.kext - Patched by Netkas and ToH to include support to run your 6 SATA ports in enhanced mode.
    Increases Read/Write times to your HD with almost 20 Mb/s. Only drawback is longer bootup.

    Optional files:
    IONetworkingFamily.kext - patched for UUID 35 error by Netkas and ToH. Needed for TM.
    IOAHCIFamily.kext - ads AHCI support for the 6 SATA ports. Already included on the Leo DVD

    Simplified Instructions
    Delete your corresponding kexts in your Leo 10.5 System/Library/Extension folder before adding these,
    otherwise they might be modified with new data or even corrupt.
    You also need to remove AppleAzalia.kext for proper HDA detection.
    ** One kext gave an inproper installation error with me! I deleted and replaced it by the original before I repaired permissions.
    Repair permissions for the Extensions folder then type in Terminal: "sudo touch /System/Library/Extensions" (without "").

    For the noobs: the System folder can be found when clicking on your OSX partition in Finder (Hard Drive Icon).
    Terminal can be found in the Utilities.

    This is it for the ASUS P5E-VM-HDMI. Note that the FireWire is working, but is crappy (I use a Projectmix which has many problems on the onboard firewirecard in OSX, but works fine in XP/Vista for example). Get a PCIe one if you need to make big use of it.

    Get the HD2400 working

    Don't download the Netkas Driver or Netkas Natit.kext, because you'll end up with a black screen. This is the only way to get it working:

    1) Download (at April 09)


    2) Once you install Triakis you must add your dev id into the ATI2000xRadeon.kext , to do so open /System/Library/Extensions in there lookup for the fore-mentioned kext and do control+click and select Show Package Contents, there go to /Contents and copy the file info.plist to your desktop, keep the window open. Once copied open it up and look for the line that says

    <key>IOPCIMatch</key><string>0x94001002 0x94011002 0x94021002 0x94031002 0x95811002 0x95831002 0x95881002 0x94c31002 0x94c81002 0x94c91002</string>

    On the line where it says<string> add your device id (ex. 0x94c3 + vendor id ATI=1002 0x94c31002) once you edited it, go to file>save and save it like Info.plist if you get a confirmation dialog click on Use .Plist.

    3) Once that is done copy the .plist file back into the ATI2000xRadeon.kext Leopard will ask you to replace the file, click on replace and input your password to authenticate. After you copy the Info.plist file close the window, and go back to /System/Library and look for Extensions.mkext select that file and send it to the Trash. Now open a terminal and run the following command: "sudo kextcache -k /System/Library/Extensions" (without "").

    4) Afterwards, open Disk Utility and Repair Disk Permissions. Then reboot, and voila everything will be working!

    I've now got a dualscreen setup with 2x 1680*1050, one on VGA and one on DVI. Mirror works, HDMI works!

    Enjoy your OSX86 PC!
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    Nice guide, thx for sharing, surely will help other users
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    iPhone 4
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