Hi, I installed Leopard 10.5.. onto my AA1804, which is a P4 desktop replacement.
Specs: P4, 3.2 HT ( like 1.5 cores) 2 gig ram, 17 inch screen, Ati x600,128 meg (dedicated card) 80 gb Seagate IDE. Motherboard ?( anybody's guess ).
I used the Kalaway/Darwin to install. The install went without a hitch, ( I should say I have a G4 mac with Leopard 10.5.? so know my way around the install) after the reboot I checked out what was functioning and the few things that don't work are..
Screen res is wrong and there is no adjustment.
Ethernet (wired) not there.
I managed after a fashion to get a Belkin USB adapter to work, but if I rebooted I had to play around to get it up again.
I downloaded the updates and part way through it crashed and I ended up with a sort of black screen partly covering the screen.
I then reinstalled but this time no updates.
Last but not least, Safari keeps crashing.
NB, none of the above is to be taken as dissatisfaction. Is there anybody who can point me in the right direction, please?