Trying to get to 10.5.8, had 10.5.7 once but borked it.
P4 2.4 single core
intel 845g server board
Nvidia fx5500 PCI
1 gb ddr
I know the hardware is old and probably minimally supported.
I have had iAtkos10.5.7.running, but don't know enough on what kexts, ect that I used and am unable to get it reinstalled. JaS 10.5.4 Serv. runs great, if thats the best, OK-
but would like to get to .8 and add server packages after.
I did get to the server serial page on 10.6.2 Hazard, but networks cards are unsupported in Snow Leo, and My proc does't do x64
Any how, I don't know enough about what I need to check off in the install sheets to do this properly, Can I get some help from someone, please.