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Discuss How to install retail OS X leopard 10.5.6 (and update to 10.5.7) on HP m9250f at the Tutorials -; Or any HP with motherboard ASUS IPIBL-LB), using chameleon bootloader partition, and upgrade to 10.5.7. ...
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    Default How to install retail OS X leopard 10.5.6 (and update to 10.5.7) on HP m9250f

    Or any HP with motherboard ASUS IPIBL-LB), using chameleon bootloader partition, and upgrade to 10.5.7.

    ** First thanks to icchansan for working out the HP m9250f with OSX thread, the gate for me to enjoy Mac OS. Since that HP thread was about installing a distro, this will deal with the retail. I am sure there are things I should have tried and would work better, but this gives you a start.

    Some very useful thread here and here [Guide] Vanilla Retail 10.5.7 with Chameleon v2 RC2 for Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3L (Optional update to 10.5.8) - InsanelyMac Forum (to obtain the bootCD for install). Many thanks to blackosx for this thread and the master-written clear tutorial.

    What you need: Leopard 10.5.6 retail DVD; HP m9250f or similar model with ASUS IPIBL-LB motherboard ; a separate hdd which you can reformat (it's doable to have vista and OS installed on one hdd but i never tried, and assumed it would be more hassel than two separate drive).

    --Follow icchansan's guide (the sticky in OSX installation sub-forum) to modify the BIOS to 5.17 mod version. And set the BIOS as instructed (especially the AHCI mode for your sata hdd). Also set the BIOS so that DVD is the first booting device. There is possible DSDT patch thing for un-modified BIOS but I have not tried.

    --Get the bootCD from insanelymac thread here [Guide] Vanilla Retail 10.5.7 with Chameleon v2 RC2 for Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3L (Optional update to 10.5.8) - InsanelyMac Forum (was originally for gigabyte motherboard). But this cd works great on the HP. while you are there please also get the pdf guide, and all utilities provided (we need them as well). The bootCD and the guide is the origin of this tutorial.

    --With computer powered off, connect the separate HDD and disconnect your Vista. Better connect the HDD as the first SATA.

    --Boot using the bootCD, press Enter into the boot screen. Eject the bootcd and put in the leopard retail DVD (e.g. 10.5.6). Press Esc to force rescan disk, the bootloader will now see the retail DVD. Press enter to boot that DVD. As many necessary kext file are pre-included in the bootcd bootloader, it will boot the retail DVD without problem and reach the welcome screen. Choose language and continue.

    --Before install, one has to format and partition the HDD. Choose Disk Utility in the top menu. Make at least two partition, first one 1G called chameleon; second the rest called macintosh (can be other name of course this is just for me). For me I also created a third partition called Macvault, for use with Time machine backup. You may also redirect your user home folder to this partition so that if you need to wipe out the Macintosh partition and do clean install, all previous app setting is retained on this partition. In option choose GUID partitiona table. Click apply to do the format and partitioning.

    --Proceed with the system install onto macintosh partition. Don't forget to select or de-select some printer drivers and languages of your choice. I would just de-select all printer drivers and use my own printer driver intall later (e.g. Canon and Brother both have CD for Mac).

    --Install takes about 20min and in the end will see Failed, due to no bootloader installed. Ignore and restart.

    --When restarting the computer, use the BootCD to boot again, press any key (but not the Enter) to go into the boot screen, where you will see all partitions on your drive (if can't see them on the welcome screen press Enter or Esc to force rescan). Choose the macintosh partition to boot into the newly installed OSX. Welcome screen and video will show up and sound and LAN working. Fill in all info to get into the desktop.

    --Install chameleon 2.0 RC2 (from the bootCD) onto the chameleon partition. Choose standard installation, choose the chameleon partition to install, , you may leave the Themes on, but de-select the Options, and Extras.

    --Now download the file I used in my chameleon partition here

    --Follow blackosx's PDF guide (section 5 of the guide) to inject EFI string of your video card and LAN into the file in the chameleon partition, Extra folder. You need the EFI studio utility for this work. If the file is not there, use the file included in my download as a start and add the EFI string to it (!!!the EFI string in my file is for my HP only, probably won't work for you!!!). Put it in the Extra folder of chameleon partition. You must combine the Video and Ethernet EFI string. I have tried leaving out the Ethernet string, although ethernet works, there is error when trying use Time machine.

    --Into the chameleon\extra folder, add the following kext files from my download, extension folder

    =Disabler (without this one system can't boot).
    =IOAHCIBlockStorageInjector (forgot what it does but it's a must)

    --Build a new Extensions.mkext file using mkexttool. Replace the one at the root of chameleon partition (if there is one).

    --Reboot without the bootcd, if the chameleon bootloader installed correctly, it will boot into the OSX now but no sound, with LAN (as Apple has old version of RealtekR8111C driver).

    --Here, At this point, you can go to apple website and download the 10.5.7 update and do the update offline (better save it to another drive, such as a USB key, in case you need to reinstall and use it later). Do not use the system's update yet as it will only update you to the 10.5.8 but I have not worked out the proper sleep function under 10.5.8. The apple 10.5.7 update link is here Apple - Downloads - Mac OS X Updates - Mac OS X 10.5.7 Update

    --Use kexthelper tool to install patched audio driver AppleHDA.kext and Enabler.kext (by Tagura on InsanelyMac) from here basically you just start the kexthelper tool, drag the applehda and enabler kext file into its window, and put in your admin password, click install. It will create a backup folder in the root of your system partition (the macintosh partition) and put the replaced original applehda file there.

    --This patched driver is installed into the system\library\extensions folder. So next time a major update will probably replace it, then you have to re-apply the patch again (it works for 10.5.8 I tested, but again you don't want to go to 10.5.8, for a good reason).

    --The Apple default RealtekR8111C driver support only basic 10M mode, which is OK for internet but not for intranet (like accessing a NAS such as HP media vault). Download the realtek driver for Mac from here and follow the install package instruction to install.


    This RealtekR8111C driver will support the LAN at 100M mode, good enough for NAS (although the LAN on this motherboard is actually a gigabyte card). Plus, this will enable the time machine function, and the bonjour function, which automatically discover all computers (PC and Mac) and NAS and network printers etc under your network. Cool!

    --For wireless use the driver from Ralink website here

    --If your wireless card is the same as mine, the RT2571WF, the download this one and install it. This will install the wireless driver and a wireless utility that open up everytime you boot system. If can't find the wireless card, hot unplug and replug it once will usually solve the problem.

    --Up until now, the whole system works except sleep function. If you click sleep, the monitor goes off and the harddrive seems to be put off, but the computer light and the fan is still on. And you CAN NOT wake the computer up. Well, believe me if you want a OS X that works for day to day task (read: not a test system for the sake of tasting OS X), you will want the sleep function more than restart and shutdown.

    --So, go to here and download the 10.5.7 repair pack and install, but make sure to click customize and select ONLY \Recompiled Kext\AppleUSB*.kext. Install and reboot.

    --Now everything works except restart. (I do not know what the patch does to repair the sleep but sacrificed restart, but sleep is really more practical and useful than the restart). For day to day use, I just put it into sleep and wake it up instantaneously for work (or play).

    There are other patches one may try but I have tried the following and didn't work for me
    =The famous OpenHaltRestart.kext by pystar. Didn't repair my restart problem.
    =On 10.5.8, I tried the sleep enabler from insanelymac but didn't do it. Therefore I have not figured out the way to enable sleep function under 10.5.8, so I am not going there. same reason that I am not going to Snow Leopard yet. Plus, PLEX, the best home media center app on both windows and mac platform, (to me at least), still has serious problems with Snow Leopard

    ==If you can figure out the sleep, restart, or shutdown on either 10.5.7 or 10.5.8, please come back and share it with me. Much appreciated!!


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    Great post Forresun, did you check my latest post in my thread to get shutdown? now mine is working everything here, not sure about you guys with sleep and restart, thats odd
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    hi can i get some help? please....
    i have the hp pavilion dv6-2150us, i managed to install 10.5.7 but cant get my wireless to work... it is the Broadcom 43225 please guys any tip would be appreciated

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    Please suggest driver for broadcom netextrem gigabit ethernet



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