Please help me

I have a problem with my iPhone...Incidentally I do update ios 6.0 ... before to become the update I had ios version 5.1.1
And now after the update my iphone asks for sim card where the operator is purchased. I am from Kosovo ... And all services here say the only way to activated is bo Full Unlock. But the opportunity to buy code for full unlock ...please do you know someone to activate my iphone 4.

Some data on you swear your work easier to give your help for me

FirmwarePreflightInfo: CertID = 257
FirmwarePreflightInfo: ChipID = 0x50
FirmwarePreflightInfo: ChipSerialNo = 69ea05a9700c612348ee7c0e
FirmwarePreflightInfo: Nonce = 0e2bc4d019018d2b223d5ac2fe7659fe12ab9231
FirmwareVersion: iBoot-1537.4.18
HardwareModel: N90AP
BasebandVersion: 04.12.02
ICCID: 8937701010025073673
IMEI: 012431004418094
IMSI: 212010102507367
MCC: 001