I have had many weeks try to get a correctly working Hackintosh and this what i have managed to find to get everything working correctly including dell wireless card 1390 and graphics Intel integrated graphics 945GM card

For me i

1. Put in the iDeneb_v1.6_1058_Lite_Edition Disc

(burnt from iso image which i think i found at: iDeneb v1 6 10 5 8 Lite [105/98] Torrent Download
or just search for ideneb v1.6 torrent)

2. Then Boot up normally i found it did not require any boot flags (i.e -v etc)

3. Once loaded i formatted my HDD (found from accessing the utilities from the top bar once i selected my language and formatted it to the typical extended journaling format like usual)

4. Then when coming to customize i found a neat video on Youtube of someone setup and basically copied found here:YouTube - ‪iDeneb v1.6 1058 Lite Edition on dell inspiron 6400‬‏
Heres what selected and worked for me
Select components: (included the directories as well so you know exactly where each component is eg. Folder- File)
iDeneb Main System
-OSx86 Components 10.5.8 Ready- Bootloader- Chameleon v1.012
- Kernel- 9.5.0 Kernel Voodoo
- iDeneb Essential Patches- AppleDecrypt
- Disabler
- DSDT Patcher
- TimeMachine Fix
- OpenHaltRestart
- PS/2 Drivers- Can't remember but think it was the second one down)
- About this mac fix
- System Profiler
- Fix- CPUS=1_Fix
- SD/SDHCI Drivers
- Drivers- Audio- VoodooHDA
- Chipset- AppleATIATA
- Network- Ethernet- AppleBCM440x
- Wireless Broadcom wifi
- SystemManagement- speedstep- voodoo power
- genericCPUPMControl
- Video- ATI- ATY_init (i don't think this is need as don't have an ATI card but it hasn't done any harm by having it installed)
- Intel- GMA950 (select all in this folder)

5. And your done mac 10.5.8 working mine booted up absolutely fine with no need for boot flags it may do a reboot upon first boot while at the apple loading screen don't worry if it does as long as it doesn't keep rebooting!

6. now i found that you won't be able to mount images don't panic for need to search for a 9.5.0 seatbelt to match the 9.5.0 kernel just search for it or go to: *Updated* DMG mounting issues & Seatbelt.kext (New Versions, Files included) - InsanelyMac Forum as that where i got mine.

7. Also you'll notice that the graphics aren't that great a bit blurry not too worry you need to get the kext Appleintergratedframebuffer.kext you can get it online from somewhere but i got mine from a hackintosh install disc named Kalyway 10.5.2 which can be download from here: Kalyway_Leopard_10.5.2_DVD_Intel_Amd (download torrent) - TPB then using Pacifist for mac:Pacifist (Mac) - Download go to the graphics section and extract the kext file then install using kexthelperb7 : http://cheetha.net/ and install then once you've rebooted your graphics should be at 1280x800 which is needed to run certain programs.

8. Also i use drop box which once installed you will notice when you give it permission it will produce a kernel panic to stop this just enter the app contents ( by right clicking on it and clicking "show package contents" then navigate to contents- resources- and deleting FindeLoadCM and empty your trash then reboot (you might have to delete it using safe mode just press F8 at boot when it is counting down and type in -x and press enter) then once deleted and out of safe mode if you where in it you should be able to use it as normal and can give it permission without a kernel panic (help found thanks to Dam's Post: Dropbox Kernel Panic - InsanelyMac Forum)

9. I haven't done any updates from the software update utility yet so i don't know what will happen and it will stop the wireless driver or kernel panic you'll have to find that out for yourself it you want to run updates that is.

10. If your still having problems with wireless and Airport you might want to not install and wireless cards from the install list and then install the IO80211Family Driver on it's own from the Kalyway Distro which could also be used as a standalone driver for dell wireless card 1390 bcm 4311 as it works straight out with the kalyway distro of Mac OS X 10.5 but i haven't tried it on other distros also using the driver option IO80211 of Tiger from iDeneb 10.5.7 Distro of mac could also work but again i haven't tried it. if all else fail and you have a android phone you can use pda2net to use you phone to share the internet via usb just download and follow the instructions from there website: PdaNet Desktop for Mac

11. I've been using my wireless but you might find that the Ethernet port might be temperamental as been with every installation i've done before but to get it's speed up if finding it low if only using Ethernet you can go to System preferences- network- Ethernet- advanced then the Ethernet tab and change the configure box to manually and make sure the settings show speed: 100baseTX Duplex:full-duplex MTU: Standard (1500) which has worked in the past for me when could only use Ethernet port

I Sincerely Hope this helps as has taken me weeks to finally get a full working 10.5.8 Mac OS X