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Discuss AMD Phenom / MSI Mainboard Tutorial at the Tutorials -; My Hardware: AMD Phenom Quad Core 9950 @ 2.6 ghz MSI K9A2+ mainboard with BIOS ...
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    Default AMD Phenom / MSI Mainboard Tutorial

    My Hardware:

    AMD Phenom Quad Core 9950 @ 2.6 ghz
    MSI K9A2+ mainboard with BIOS version 1.8
    MSI Radeon 4850 PCI-e Video Card
    Realtek 8111 onboard LAN
    2 x 1 gigabyte DDR2800 RAM sticks
    1 x 1tb internal SATA hard drive
    1 x Pioneer IDE DVD drive

    I was really tired of running Windows and wanted to get a functioning Hackintosh without spending any more money on the system. I successfully got two distros to load and install on my machine: iDeneb 1.4 (10.5.6) and Lawless (10.5.4).

    I spent about a week with successful installs of both distros on the machine configured with 4 gigabytes of RAM, which subsequently developed instability and kernal panics. I solved that problem by pulling two of the RAM sticks and bringing the machine down to 2 gigabytes, as well as (for the Lawless distro) removing any kexts with the word "thermal" in them with kext helper.

    Now, I have a fully functioning machine with iDeneb 1.4 on it.

    How I configured my BIOS: Floppy Drive=Disabled, Onboard RAID=Disabled, Hard Disk Mode=ACHI (not IDE), Onboard Sound=Enabled, Auto Disable DIMM/PCI Frequency=Enabled [this last option is on the Cell menu]. Nothing was overclocked.

    How I installed iDeneb: Booted the DVD from an external USB optical drive with no flags or verbose mode.

    How I installed Lawless: Booted the DVD from the internal DVD drive, or the same external USB optical drive. Again, no flags or verbose mode.

    iDeneb would not boot from the internal drive.

    The options I chose at install: ALC 888 Audio, Realtek 1000 LAN, Apple ATAPI (whatever the chipset option was that gave you the SB600/700 options) chipset, Voodoo 9.5 kernal, ACPI Fix, SEATBELT FIX (very important), NO VIDEO DRIVERS (for me, since I had the 4850 - if you have a video card that's listed, or a GEFORCE card that one of the inject options matches, chose it). It's very important not to chose more than one set of drivers in each category, with the exception being the "FIXES" or "APPLICATIONS" category.

    Applications I've found helpful: OSX86 Tools, Transmission, kext helper, pacifist, and xbench. If you go with iDeneb, I'd go with those options.

    The install was fairly straightforward, and after installation both distros booted to the initial welcome screens and then desktop.

    I was successfully able to use Apple's software update to update Quicktime, iTunes, and the two Airport programs. I "ignored" the 10.5.7 update, and turned off auto updates so they wouldn't break my install. I also turned off all sleep options in the "energy saver" panel and time machine.

    Now for video drivers for the Radeon 4850 (which won't apply to you if you have a different video card). This also turned out to be a very simple installation. With

    RapidShare Webhosting + Webspace

    being a straight download/install/reboot.

    Anyhow, it all worked out in the end - even on an AMD - and I have a Quad Core Mac Pro equivalent for about $900 in parts.

    The xbench CPU score is a respectable 141.66

    So if you're going to try this, keep plugging away.

    Things to note: I tried iAtkos and Leos4All and could never get either of them to work. AMD Athlon XP processors are neither SSE2 nor SSE3 compliant and will simply not work. I succeeded with the Phenom, maybe the Turions will work as well.

    Good luck!
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