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Discuss Why SIM Cards not word with the IPhone! at the Turbo-, Supersim and Simcloning Solution -; Hi all, iknow this is a stupid question BUT! So as we all know the ...
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    Default Why SIM Cards not work with the IPhone?

    Hi all,

    iknow this is a stupid question BUT! So as we all know the Sim Cards from many Providers dont word with our SIMs! Why the dont work ist the Question!?

    Is it because the IPhone work just with the ICCID from AT&T?
    Is the IMEI from my Phone importend? The IMEI is an fix Nummber in the Phone himselve so it has nothing to do with the SIM Card! So i think.

    So if i understand this all things right the Clon/Supersim Solution is just to put all the Simcard information from the own Sim and the ICCID from the AT&T Card to the Supersim! After it the Phone think its an AT&T Card and work with you Provier!

    BUT waht if the Provider make an new CARD and fir her from the begin the ICCID from the AT&T Card that averybody got with his IPhone! Will it work too? Can a not AT&T Provider give one of his new SIMs an ICCID witch the IPhone let belive that its an AT&T Card!!!!!!

    Its an strange idea but i whould like to know what you think about it!
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