I want to tell you that you have to return the Victorfox contracts SIM-Cards to Victorfox after finishing your contract in time, to not pay forfeit! This is not written in the contract but they will ask for it with the confirmation of end of my contract.

german experiences with victorfox and SIM-Card policy

the hotline told me that it is ok if the SIM-Card is damaged itself (i.e. by cutting for TurboSIM) but the SIM-Cardnumber has to be readable. Lucky me I have kept the missing edge but I am not sure what now will happen when I return my SIM-Cards to Victorfox. (I will let you know, if they do not accept!).

Usually providers do not recall old SIM-Cards, but in some Contracts you have to return them by end of a term. This can bring you additional costs.

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