I thought it only right to post that I have had a complete success with activating a US at&t iphone on the vodafone UK network using a preprogrammed turbosim from theiphoneman.co.uk. Costly yet my only fullproof solution to activating the 'phone' of the i'phone'....and completely reliant on the information contained in this forum....thanks.

This is by no means a complete technical breakdown of the process as all of that is contained in the many pages of this forum. I just want to instill hope into the people that have doubt after purchasing their (unbeknown to them) 1.2/4.6 bootlader hoping it to be a 1.1 that is capable of the software unlock. I was there a week ago regretting the purchase but through perseverance and the spending of some more cash I have managed to get this incredibly versatile little computer/phone fully operational.

This link below shows the exact process I undertook.


This brought me to the activated state, next..........waited for a week or so to see if there was any progress with the software unlock of 1.1.2 and the imminent release of firmware 1.1.3 that may or not contain key files to fck with the bootloader that is somehow preventing a soft sim unlock for unsupported networks.

Got itchy feet and read up on the turbosim and went for it...it arrived today....

the turbosim is very delicate and I was shaking whilst holding it in fear of breaking it...

ok.....so the chap I purchased it from had pre-programmed it with the relevant applesaft files. I was required to trim back the at&t and vodafone sim card to accommodate the turbosim microprocessor unit. This was fairly easy, you just have to be pretty careful and accurate and file off any rough edges.

then I followed the process-

Insert at&t sim with turbosim into tray....carefully pushed in ensuring there was no resistance...turbosim VERY delicate.

now go in settings - phone - sim application you' ll find the APPLESAFT button, press SET and then ACCEPT(please note that this turbosim is PRE-PROGRAMMED and I paid for that so I don't know how to program it but it's on here somewhere)

Removed turbosim and at&t card

Insert turbosim with vodafone sim and then it found network and the top left display reads vodafone UK.

All outgoing and incoming calls work...voicemail is operative(not visual)

SMS is fully operational

EDGE or GPRS(don't think vodafone really uses edge but you can get a fairly workable solution from the basic GPRS that voda uses) is fully operational.

You need to go into settings>network>edge

for vodafone

apn- internet

I had to do some adaptation of files on the iphone to get the edge menu activated

click this link below if you have problems with this


That is my story....it might be technically lacking but there is plenty of that from the many experts on here.....go search.

all the best...if you are debating the turbosim this might give you a little more confidence.