Totally frustrated!

I live in Denmark, got an iphone 1.1.2 OTB, and a couple of weeks ago I received a StealthSIM from
(btw - I followed the downgrade, jailbreak,-procedure into every single step, oktoprep etc. )

Nevertheless I got the message "No Sim" even though I tried to align it for hours.

I returned the StealthSIM and got a new one today, (also the Black one) from, BUT - now I get the message "Sim-failure". (also after several hours of aligning)
In the left corner it says "Invalid sim-card".... argh!

If I try to put in the card from the danish supplyer, TDC, without the StealthSIM it says "Wrong sim-card", of course.

Any ideas? I tried iWorld.. and as said, several hours of aligning