Hi there, I am going insane, let's see if someone can help me get this Stealthsim working

From left to right:

Claro's Brazil SIM, TIM's Brazil 128k and TIM's Brazil 128k trimmed on the side as directed here on the forum

The problem is that only Claro's SIM (white) works with my stealthsim
, no matter how many times I try to align

Here is a closeup comparing the 2 sims, as you can see the "tracks" match so in my head there is no need to trim the side of the blue SIM (TIM), please correct me if I am wrong...

Here is a pic of the working sim on the tray with the stealthsim, my understanding is that we have to see the black SIM lines inside the stealthsim transparent lines, right? that means that the contact is on the midle of each sim segment..

Why the hell I can't make the TIM SIM work?