Hello there, i've been reading the forums for a while and there are some really helpful people here....

I dis use search but didn't find something about this really

So, i've bought some *sim solution from ebay and to be honest i'm not sure which, next sim probably, so i'm not sure if i would have to program it first

I just put it in with my simcard, message pops up about my sim being locked, i enter the pin. without the *sim it would say now that i have to use an appropriate sim card. now it says nothing and i see some bars on the top left, but they "show" that i have got no service here (so they are on the bottom). in settings i see the new option carrier but my carriers name is not shown.
When i try to make a call it doesn't work (but doesn't just jump back to springboard).

so i did this http://www.iclarified.com/entry/index.php?enid=565 and started iworld, selected my country and iworld says it should now be ready. but after the restart i now have the problem of the "phoneapp" jumping back to the springboard.

So my questions are, is my *sim working and (i'm on 1.1.1 now) does iworld only work on 1.1.2?