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Discuss Problems after soft 1.1.3 update at the Turbo-, Supersim and Simcloning Solution -; k I was using 1.1.2 with turbo sim everything was good then I soft updated ...
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    Default Problems after soft 1.1.3 update

    k I was using 1.1.2 with turbo sim everything was good then I soft updated to 1.1.3 and for about ten minutes everything was fine.

    I was reinstalling applications and after one of the resets the sound stopped working. I'm thinking it had something to do with the fact that i did not restore it in the 1.1.3 update. Let me rephrase that, the two options it gives you when you are using the 1.1.3 update is to activate it which i needed it to do since i use tmobile and whether you want it to restore your phone, since i thought this was optional and didn't want to loose my applications i didn't want to restore it.

    It wouldn't play audio in the iPod mode. The time on the top with the bar wouldn't move forward but it said it was playing... no audio on calls no sound when it would ring, it did vibrate though. also i tried playing through the head phones and cleaning out the jack to see if it was a problem with the iPhone thinking that head phones were plugged in.

    Anyway I got it downgraded to 1.1.1 working minus phone features installed oktoprep and updated to 1.1.2 since that was my last working firmware. i was using the java jailbreak method when it reported issues saying that it wasn't 1.1.2 firmware, but it was. now i figure this is from 1.1.3 files that were updated so I went back to 1.1.1 and its working as a pda.

    anyway here is the information in the settings

    modemfw 04.02.13_G
    bootloader 4.6_M3S2 (not good right?)

    the imei is the same as the printed number on the back so thats a good thing.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    edit would this method

    work if my boot load is 4.6? ive been trying to get it to work but i get hung up at the /turbo-app /applesaft.trb command it says that it can not stat applesaft.trb i have no idea what this means though

    ok little update i tried this method

    its a bit different but i get hung up when i launch the turbosim app and it says modem phone/ serial cable communication error

    still no feedback though am i just stupid and you cant use turbosim on a 4.6 bl?

    ok it might be that the guide im using is for an iphone after its been updated to 1.1.2 after installing oktoprep but you cant just update to it any more so is there a way to update to 1.1.2?

    ok so i have a 1.1.1 that was downgraded from 1.1.3 (softupdate)
    Ive tried to update to 1.1.2 after using oktoprep but it failsa and says i need to install oktoprep before updating, which i did.

    ok nevermind i was stupid i was restoring it to 1.1.2 instead of updating oops
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