I am new in this so please forgive me if i didnt post on right place.
So please help me. I am from macedonia. I have iphone 3g
Bootloader Version 05.09 (G2m3s2)
Baseband Version ICE2-02.20.03
Iphone Os Version 2.2.1
Modem firmware 02.30.03

Phone works perfectly , but somethimes i get mesage No service. I use Sim unlock Card beacouse i am usinge T mobile sim card.
The last No service, that i am still having it was when i went to another country and it Happend. So i didnrt have roaming to. The problem is still here , now i am in my country again but No service is still here. So i dont have carrier it say ,, Your selected cellurar network is no longer availbe. You can choose a different network in Settings,,

Please help me , please

And another q. Can i use yellowsnow and witch one will work for my speciffication above.