I have been working on this phone since 9pm CST, it is not 4 AM, and Im tired and have school tomorro, so I am defeated for today. My problem is this, I have Next Sim II China 3GPP, and the phone works, but the edge does not, it tells me I am not suscribed when I know I am. also the network was going out on me intermittently, that problem seems to have subsided, but anyway basically the only thing I can do on this phone is text and talk, nothing else, and the edge will not work, I have a 1.1.2 OTB, which i downgraded and jailbroke tonight. I thought I was in the clear but clearly I am not, if anyone can help with this issue, I have sifted to hundreds of threads to try to find someone with my problem and the ones similiar did not help and no one seems to have the problem so once again any help is appreciated, thanx in advance.