I am a Uk Orange contract user.

I de-activated, and used the turbosim method. Piece of cake, once you get your head around SSH. Did it all on Windows, even though I am a 'Mac' man at heart.

Installed the Utube files to get that working. It works a treat over the edge settings

To use the TurboSim on orange follow the instructions in a quiet room, and go SLOWLY. Do not rush any step, or you will go back and go over it time and time again. A stanley knife from B&Q (good quality one) is best for clipping the sim to match the turbo sim. Be steady, the TurboSim is very brittle indeed but its not made of glass like some have made out here. Just use steady hands. If you ever made an airfix model plane, you will find this stage the easiest. I assure you. Be careful not to force it in the simcard slot as well....not that I had any issues here anyway but take it SLOWLY

And remember, go SLOW




For an orange contract your edge settings which should be entered under Settings>Network>Edge are as follows

APN: orangewap
Username: orange
Password: multimedia

Just downloaded and watched a utube movie no issues at all

Voicemail: Notification works fine, you get the red dot over the voicemail as you would have had the little voicemail icon on your previous phone

SMS: No issues whatsoever.

Contacts:No issues here, copied over from the Sim no problems. Sync'd onto my Mac now as back-up as well.

Email over Edge. No issues here at all, obviously GPRS takes over when Edge is not present so working out when Edge is of benefit is hard...unless someone knows how to ascertain when this is the case.

Wifi takes over as soon as you get to a previous locked location-so your edge will not be used.

I sent a picture from my iphone to my mate, via email and it worked a treat.

SMS picture messaging. This is a slight issue, not sure how to deal/work this at present. If anyone can help here that would be good.

The ONLY thing that is not working per se is visual voicemail which was of course actually specific to AT&T anyway


If you have an Orange contract, can get a turbosim (mine came in the Uk, 5 days after confirmation after ordering with normal postage option!) then you are good to go baby

If you have a UK Sim and need any help, you can always catch me on johnny@alphamen.co.uk on MSN and I will be happy to help where I can!

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