xcuse me if this sounds like a stupid question..but i tired a proxy sim ... to see what changes it makes to fool the iphone ... an noticed a folder called "dev" wit random files appeared in my iphone "root" when i removed the sim it disappeared...
then i tired copying that folder to my desktop ...but this causes an error
i tired usin diff softwares yet all files dont get copied ... then i downloaded like a proxy sim update files for v2.2.1 (for upgrading the proxy sim using its programmer) an tired copying those files to various parts of the iphone folders,sumwer there wer errors, sum places it did copy with no effect ...
now i might be wrong in observations but i like to ask
1)how do these sim's work ? do they copy files to the iphone?
2)is there an way we can take the files used in these sim's and paste or patch them to work(i guess this is how yellowsn0w worked)
3)one thing i observed in lot of forums is that these sims do contain codes that by pass the modem firmware chips...so it it coz of its hardware or software?

pls advise