I made the mistake and used saft in the sim toolkit menu a second time while my O2 SIM was in the phone. Now I can not access the turbosim card anymore, it is not recognized by any phone anymore, so I can not reset it. turbo-info gives the following output:

# turbo-reset -v
initializing modem
1 -> ATV1
1 <- ATV1
1 -> ATE1
1 <- ATE1
1 -> AT+CPMS="SM","SM"
1 <- AT+CPMS="SM","SM"
1 -> AT+CMGF=0
1 <- AT+CMGF=0
1 -> AT+CPMS?
1 <- AT+CPMS?
modem initiated
1 -> AT+CMGW=9
1 <- AT+CMGW=9>
1 -> 029100110000810004FF010E
1 <- 029100110000810004FF010E
Mobile Phone/Serial Cable Communication Error

I have checked if the contact is good and reseated the SIM numerous times to no avail, I tried it in about 5 different phones now, all of them report a missing or rejected SIM card when I put in the turbosim together with any other simcard. Since all simcards work on their own, I must assume that the simcards themselves are ok, but there is a problem with the turbosim that goes beyond a contact problem. I also found the sms reset tool, the output of that is:
# turbo-iphone-smsreset
Turbo Sim SMS Reset Utility for the iPhone -- Copyright 2007 iZsh

Credits: gruffy for discovering the root cause, iZsh
and special thanks to Zf and #iphone-turbosim for all the
support and help while tracking this problem down.

* Leet Hax not for commercial uses
Punishment: Monkeys coming out of your ass Bruce Almighty style.

Reading the SMS list (AT+CMGL)... ERROR while executing AT+CMGL.

Also turbo-rm-app and turbo-reset do not seem to change the situation. Does anyone have proposals or at least insights to the outputs of the commands and possible causes?

Best regards,