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    Quote Originally Posted by iomatic View Post
    Orange, yes? Do you get data too?

    Is there a PAYG version I ask for at the Orange? Which exactly-- thanks! Thanks!

    Do you also need to input APN settings with US iPhone + Gevey 2?

    T-Mobile have by far the best 3G network (where they have coverage) and PAYG is capped at £1/day
    User one2one
    Password t-mobile

    For anyone stuck on BB 2.30.03 it is worth checking your BL - if you are lucky enough to have 5.8 you can downgrade and use Yellowsn0w - but it's far better not to upgrade in the first place!
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    iPhone 4 locked to T-Mobile. 4.1 Limera1n'd

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oblit3ration View Post
    Hi Gawa,

    I'll try to be of some help, but sometimes these things work and other times they don't!

    If you can get hold of one get an 02 PAYG SIM card which will help you get the phone registered (I’m not sure if this bit is 100% needed though...)

    I'm on Vodafone in the UK, and what I've done is first I stick my native SIM card for my carrier into an already unlocked phone (in this case the Nokia N96 handset I got with my Vodafone contract), get the SIM card booted up and make a quick call to get the SIM registered on the carriers cell.

    Once you've done this stick your piggy-back SIM in with your carriers SIM and switch the phone on, make sure 3G is DISABLED. It may take a while (60 seconds or so) to get a lock, and I've found that sometimes it gets a lock, then looses is, then gets it back again and repeats this a couple of times before staying stable.

    Make sure you get your APN settings for Orange (I've no idea what they are I'm afraid, but giving customer services a bell will get you that info) – Vodafone’s are: APN = 'Internet' Username = 'Web' and Password = 'Web'.

    I've tried using the Rebel SIM card first as my unlocking solution, this has worked for a while but became a little unstable. I've since downgraded the Rebel's firmware (as per their instructions on their website) and that has pretty much worked with all features apart from 3G mode (like expected I'm afraid), but with a few occasional times when the lock on the cell fails and I've had to put the Vodafone SIM back into an unlocked phone.

    Occasionally toggling airplane mode will sort out any "No Service" errors I get.

    I'm now trying out the Gevey version of the SIM cloning solutions, put it in today and so far so good, got a lock on Vodafone straight away, and calls / SMS, web browsing and email all seem to be working ok, but as normal 3G won't work at all.

    To be honest, and sadly there is no other alternative at the moment to unlocking a 3G IPhone other than using one of these piggyback SIM cards, and unfortunately non have 100% of features working 100% of the time, but good news is that the basics such as calls, SMS and internet will be fairly reliable.

    However, I'm just waiting down my Vodafone contract till I can swap to 02 and not deal with this anymore! lol

    Anything else just ask and I'll do my best to help


    Cheers pal - works perfectly so far! The sim that came with the phone bit the dust a few weeks later but the Gevey one I bought off eBay works ok but as you said no 3G

    Just holding out for this update and a potential hack so I can ditch the sim!

    Thanks agin


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