I had a fully working jailbroke otb 1.1.2 with turbosim working, then last night I was going to do the dev team 1.1.3 upgrade, but I accidentally press the home button, I think. then it quited, It was all fine and after a phone call I checked and all the app was gone. I though I must have messed up my phone, so I restored everything and Did the whole jailbroke 1.1.1->1.1.2 process again, and have everything working. I was not sure If i needed to redo all the turbosim stuff again.

but since it still showed my carrier I didn't bother and just did the step of going into setting applesaft, set, accept. It was all working till this afternoon before this happen, I did have called and sms working then suddenly out pops the " incorrect sim" msg. Now the carrier doesnt show anymore.

When I got home I try doing the whole turbosim with applesaft thing once more and restore the phone again.. nothing is working I get stuck while typing

modem initiated.

I tried to do the tpin restore with other phone already still same thing. and turbo-reset too, it gets stuck in modem initiated again.

I tried everything I know and it still doesn't work.
Please someone help me with my iphone......