ok heres the deal. I have a China3GPPsim on top of my OTB 1.1.2 iphone which i downgraded, jailbroke and upgraded back to 1.1.2.
well today my iphone stopped sending/receiving texts so i took out the China3GPPsim, put only my old sim card i had on my old sony ericsson, and it started working again. is it weird, that for some devine reason my iphone works unlocked without my China3GPPsim right now? is it possible to just use the my old sim card(not iphone sim card) and keep it in there without the possiblity of getting charged for any iphone plan?

By that i mean i have my old at&t account, no iphone plan. just family plan with unlimited text. i just recently switch over to an iphone i unlocked. will they catch up to me?

any help. thanks in advance.