1.1.2otb T-Mobile >1.1.3 Full Success using iCarified 1.1.3 Jailbreak through installer. Met all requirements prior to installing. The directions given are very clear and easy.

Initial Bugs:
1)Waited 55 minutes for installer to finish. It did not get past 3/4. I unplugged the phone, and did a hard reset. Phone booted to 1.1.3
2)7.5 itunes would not recognize phone. I applyed the 1.1.3 Sync patch, Can now sync with itunes but itunes hangs for about 30 seconds after plugging in before recognizing phone.

Wiggle,Wi-Fi, LocateMe, Bluetooth, Edge, YouTube, Itunes, SMS, Installer all working.
*Sim China 3GGP