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Discuss whats the deal with the new itunes 8.1 at the Tools -; It refuses to detect my 3G on 2.2 Make a funny ding dong noise and ...
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    Default whats the deal with the new itunes 8.1 (Solved)

    It refuses to detect my 3G on 2.2
    Make a funny ding dong noise and then nothing.
    The phone dont even charge ?

    If I run diagnostics I get an error about quicktime.
    Un-Installed everything one by one and reinstalled still with the same problem.

    3G phone purchased in the UK runing on Airtel India.
    With Yellow Snow.
    When I unplug I get the familiar old unplug sound.

    As usual. APple have us by the balls.
    The new itunes will only work with a valid sim.
    The minute you plug in any other sim. Itunes store stops working.

    I know have my o2 pay&Go sim in the phone and am downloading my first free app.

    THe minute I put my airtell sim back in. It refuses to connect to the itunes store.

    Is it just me or do others feel like Steve Jobs has all our nuts in his hands and can squeze any time he likes.

    Its like with a flick of a switch he can turn all our phones into bricks.

    You can bet that the newer versions are going to get hack proofed.

    He is letting us pay 700-800$ to play with an incomplete product. Shit it cant even cut and paste.

    THe minute it can cut and paste we will have the plug pulled on us. And no the Dev team will not be able to crack it all.

    For now Im going to try and revert to my old itunes.

    Remove all itunes. Rename old itunes.
    Install Orignal Sim card. You got with the phone.
    Install Itunes.
    Download one free app.
    Reboot phone and PC
    Everything seems to be working now.
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