You guys have been really awesome with helping me unlock and set up my iphone, so I thought I'd return the favor..

to save some time, here are some links that helped me: (lol duh)

install this source in the -> then install -> SIMPORT ..
add sim card contacts to iphone..

Install and set up Itunes to work with x64 windows:

Help you update and hack iphone:

The best program, imo..
Helped me jailbreak, activate, and unlock my iphone 1.1.3, with only 4 clicks of the mouse.. awesome GUI (for win and mac)

Other good stuff: (various)

how to get the internet to work on t-mobile:

settings -> general -> network ->EDGE -> EDGE ->
username: guest
Username: guest

Thank you everyone.. If anyone needs help, feel free to PM me or IM me on aim, I'll be more than happy to help

aim: hattrick1hti