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Discuss [Tethering] Most recent guide ? at the Tools -; Hi The above mentioned tutorial I was well aware, it has been out for very ...
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    The above mentioned tutorial I was well aware, it has been out for very long, but is very limited, just like how aviegas says.

    I am most interested in the bluetooth modem thing, but it seems either rather hard to make, or the amount of people interested in having the iPhone as a "slow" EDGE modem to their laptops is low.

    Either way, I am screwed, as I need this on a daily basis, and I am keeping a prepaid phone only for this purpose. I have a PCMCIA data card, but since I moved to a MacBook, I dont have a PCMCIA slot

    Any updates on this will be welcomed,


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    Any updates on using the iphone as a bluetooth modem?
    MacBook Santa Rosa OSX 10.5.4
    iPhone2G(week 46)

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    Quote Originally Posted by d0b33 View Post
    Any updates on using the iphone as a bluetooth modem?
    is that using the laptop bluetooth and phones? thatd b useful if it was,

    dell xps m1710 laptop its really pretty
    core 2 duo t7600G @ 2.83ghz
    4gb ram
    nvidia 512mb 7950 gtx
    160gb 7200rpm

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdlorinser View Post
    OK Heres a Tutorial to Tether on a Windows XP Laptop. Mods might wanna Sticky this. (Shouts out to Briansage)

    **NOTE this is on 1.0.2 . I don't know if this works on 1.1.1 .**

    All you need to add to your iphone is "Tinyproxy" and you can download that from installer on your iphone.

    No further configuration is necessary on your iPhone.

    **Note: I know this seems like alot of work but you only have to do this once and then whenever you want to tether, you just sign on**

    You need to create an Ad Hoc network on your Laptop.
    Get your Wireless Network Properties:
    Go to Control Panel >> Network Connections

    Check to see that Ad Hoc Networking is Available:
    "Wireless Network Connection" >> (Right CLick Menu) Properties >> (Tab) General:
    Connect Using: Click [Configure] to get the Network Card's Properties
    When setting up any ad hoc Wi-Fi network the channel, ip range, and ssid will need to be the same for the computers to talk to each other

    Under one of the tabs ("Advanced" on mine) there should be an Ad Hoc Channel setting that you should be able to modify. On my laptop, the default channel is 11, and this worked for me. Being that every computer and driver set could be different, you may want to check out, if this part doesn't come easily.

    Click [OK] - This will probably close all open properties windows.

    Create the Ad Hoc Network:
    "Wireless Network Connection" >> (Right CLick Menu) Properties >> (Tab) Wireless Networks:
    Under Preferred Networks, click the [Add...] button.

    (Tab) Association:
    Network Name (SSID): whatever you like ("adhoc", for example) Your XP computer will boradcast "adhock", and the iPhone will automatically pick it up, once you've completed this part.
    Network Authentication: Open
    Data Encryption: WEP
    Uncheck [x] The key is provided for me automatically.
    Network Key: any 5 digits you can remember that aren't easily guessed. Once you set up this ad hoc network, from now on your computer will always broadcast the ssid when your wireless card is turned on. Keep yourself safe with this key.
    Confirm Network Key: Not trying to tell anyone what to do here, but entering the same key as above is wise.
    Key Index: Leave it. Should be "1" by default.
    Check the box that says: "This is a computer to computer (ad Hoc network); wireless access points are not used.
    Go back to Wireless Networks Tab. Click advanced (at the bottom).
    Click: Computer to Computer (ad Hoc) networks only. **NOTE whenever your finished Tethering change this back to: "Any Avialable Network"**
    (Tab) Connection:
    Checkbox [x] Connect when this network is in range: Check it.
    Click OK to close "adhoc" Properties. Your ad hoc network is now created, but don't close the Wireless Connection Properties yet...

    Set Your PC's IP on the Ad Hoc:
    (Tab) General:
    This connection uses the following items: Scroll to find "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) on the list. Select it and click the [Properties] button.
    (Tab) General - Leave this as it is. This controls your regular Wi-Fi connection to your router when not on the ad hoc.
    (Tab) Alternate Configuration - filling this out will allow your pc to automatically choose this when on the ad hoc, so you'll never have to touch any of this again.
    Checkbox [x] User Configured: Check it.
    IP Address: create whatever ip range you like. In the first post of this thread, the ip range given was 10.3.3.x, so likely you'll want to fill in something like here. Anything but your iPhone's address which will be
    EDIT: to use tinyproxy in its default configuration, you should set the IP address to:
    Subnet mask:
    Leave the rest blank.
    Click OK to close TCP/IP Properties
    Click OK to close your Wireless Network Connection Properties, and you're done with your PC. Your ad hoc network name will now show up as an available network for your iPhone to join.

    Just to have it in one post... as originally posted above:
    Set Your iPhone's IP on the Ad Hoc:
    Now on your iPhone, go to Settings >> Wi-Fi >> (Menu) Choose a Network.

    Your ad hoc network name will now show in this list. Select it, and tap the (>) arrow to get it's properties.
    IP Address: Static
    IP Address: in this example
    EDIT: using tinyproxy's default configuration, the iPhone IP should be set to
    Subnet Mask:
    Leave the rest unchanged.
    Tap the arrow back to "Wi-Fi Networks", and you're done. The PC and the iPhone should now be on your spankin new ad hoc network.

    Keep in mind that if your iPhone goes to sleep, it will remove itself from the network, and your ad hoc network will cease to exist. Change your iPhone's Auto-Lock: "NEVER" to keep this from happening.

    To set up Internet Explorer to use the Tether:

    Open up Internet Explorer.
    Click on tools.
    Go to Internet Options.
    Click on the Connections Tab.
    Click on the LAN settings Button.
    Check the button that says: Use a Proxy server for your LAN. (Whenever your finshed Tethering uncheck this box to use IE normally).
    Enter your IP address in the box ( The Port should be 8080.

    Thats It.
    You only have to set this up once, and whenever you want to tether just look for the Ad Hoc connection that you set up, just like you would anyother Wireless connection anywhere.
    Nice work. Here is a graphical representation for those trying to do this.

    I am on Jailbroken 1.1.3, and just did it. Pretty stinkin slow though. ;-)


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