Thanks in advance for your time. I'm recently noticing odd behavior with my jailbroken 3G iphone. When I tether to my MacBook Pro (using various methods, including USB tether and wireless via terminal), my connection regularly resets every few minutes. Each time it does so, it hangs for a couple of minutes, I am unable to access internet, then I eventually loose all reception on my phone. Also, the behavior of the computer-side programs I have running indicate to me that the SSH tunnel may be upset during this process as well. It's as if all communications are reset on my iphone. I eventually come back with a new IP address for 3G and EDGE (obtained from Boss Prefs).

The phone didn't always do this, and I don't remember any specific even that would have triggered this behavior(less it be jailbreaking to 2.0.1).

I've tried disabling/re-enabling various programs such as Boss Prefs, Toggle SSH and Automatic SSH, with no success. Any ideas would be much appreciated. Again, thanks in advance for your time.