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Discuss stupid podcast error at the Tools -; I have subscribed to a podcast channel, downloaded one of the shows in itunes, then ...
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    Default stupid podcast error

    I have subscribed to a podcast channel, downloaded one of the shows in itunes, then uploaded it to my 2.2 3G, everything went fine, I was able to watch it, then I wanted to get some more, I clicked the download all button, 2 of them were finished downloading, I wanted to upload them to my iphone, but I got this crazy error saying that those formats are not supported by my iphone..... What?
    How the heck do you upload a jpg to this website? the limit is outrageous..... I would like to show you guys a screenshot, but I can't............

    I choped the photo to a staggering 13,5 kb zip archive, and the upload page tells me
    Upload of file failed........... wHAT?

    I have downloaded some more podcasts from the same channel, iTunes is able to play them, but it does not want to sync them to my iphone no matter what I try.....

    On top of all this, the in-built podcast browser does not work, due to the fact that there is no itunes store in my country........................................

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