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Discuss [SMS] How to change sounds ? at the Tools -; Yeah I know. I'm an idiot....again. I have tried everyway possible now to change my ...
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    Default [SMS] How to change sounds ?

    Yeah I know. I'm an idiot....again. I have tried everyway possible now to change my sms notifications. I try to convert it to aiff in itunes but it always saves it to mp3 after the aiff and i dont know how to change it so its just aiff or caf or whatever. Is there an easier way to do this shizzle? And yes, I just said shizzle. Thanks guys!

    P.S. I used to use ibrickr to do it back in the day but now it doesn't work.

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    Search for a program called "Wavepad"....the free version of course. With this program you can successfully convert most anything to aiff and the way you convert aiff to caf is to simply rename the extention from ".aiff" to ".caf" then ssh it over to your iphone.

    In order to change the name of the extentions, you must have the check mark out of "hide extentions" in folder options...hopefully you know where to do that and if's a tutorial on that:

    1. Click on "Tools" while you have a windows program open..."My Computer" will do fine.

    2. Off of Tools, you'll see a selection called...."Folder Options".

    3. Select Folder Options then hit the "View" tab.

    4. Scan down and you'll see "hide extentions for known file types"

    5. Take the check mark out of that field and you'll now be able to modify the extention name.

    Once you've successfully changed the file to ".caf" you'll need to SSH into your phone and copy the new files to your sms section....remember, the file you've converted to CAF has to be the identical name as the sms tone your replacing. Be sure to save the originals from your IPHONE to a folder on your PC/MAC.

    I can go more into detail if you like....just shoot me a PM....but hopefully you're experienced in SSHing into your phone, if not, I'd just leave it be.

    Hope this helps M8....perhaps there's an easier way... but I'm not familiar with it.

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