Hi mates,

im an iphone 3gs with 4.0 os user,
so... here's my idea,
I have Apps that it's called Dropbox, EzShare,Files
these 3 apps are actually similar in a way that it has it's own storage that allows me to keep files locally, just the difference is

dropbox = allows me to sync through the WAN with any internet connection
with my laptop/PC/also cloud storage.

EzShare = allows me to access FTP sites,local network SMB/AFP/whatever
other file server listed there,and through wifi, also allows me to print
(it could find printer in the wifi network).and move those files across

Files = just a simple webDav storage base, but it could Read and Modify
MS office(doc,xls,docx,xlsx,pdf,etc etc..)

so... here my idea is... is there any such a way.. that these three Local files storage inside iphone could be stored in one place? (so.. like all 3 of them is linked up to one storage space, the iphone dcim could be a great if possible, if not then just linking up those three would be very convenient).
any tips or advise to achieve this would be very much appreciated

thank you, please comment me