Ok I went through hell and back to then discovered that I was an idiot!
To use the SIMFREE App all you need is wininstaller (not sure of the name but this is where you get it http://hackint0sh.org/forum/showthread.php?t=5188 ).

It can Activate the phone for you using the GUI file and then it has a button that says insall application ... i tired it again and again but it didnt work... Guess what I didnt know what i was doing!!!

Extract the contects of the simfree zip file to a director and call is SIMFREE.APP <--- .app was what is missing. chose that directory to isntall on iphone and the program will do it for you and you will have the program installed on springboard and NO BLANK Screen when you run it.

I think the program returns the phone to jail but if it doesnt there is a button for that also.

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