the prob is that i converted a movie and send it via ifunbox to my ipod touch and it worked.But later i was putting another movie in my ipod but at the last second(progres was 100%)ifunbox crashed.and i cant find the movie that i synced to was actually 3 video's 1 family guy and 2 other movie total space was i basicly lost 1.6 gigs of space of my ipod and i dont wanna restore cuz i already did that 5 times since i got it(i got it 4 of aug)
i just wanna find out where the files can be (in wich folder) so i can delete them.

IM PRETTY PIST off by this cuz i tried it again 2 c if it wud happend again cuz i restarded my comp and it happend again now i have like 2 gigs lost
hope any1 can help me