I got this app yesterday on Cydia - BigBoss repository - called 'mptcp'.
So follow this steps:

* Look for 'Mptcp' on Cydia (BigBoss respository - The BigBoss repository is default on the Cydia installer, so look for Mptcp directally on Search Option in Cydia).
* Install Mptcp and open the terminal console on iPhone (or use ssh mode to connect it). The app Mptcp is a console mode only !!
* Run 'mptcp' on the terminal.

*** PS: The app have many options, so look for -r option (range ip-ip).

* Make sure there is a wireless connection up, ie, connect naturally to wireless network that you want take down.

* On iPhone go to Settings app >> Wi-Fi >> and note yourself IP address.
* Now, you know your IP address and know the information about this network (know about range IP address)

* Run mptcp -r ip-ip, ie:
mptcp -r

* So all connections on the range and will be take down.
PS: If your IP be on the range, it will be ignored for the shoots.

While this execution is on, all connection on the range will be out of comunication !!